Pfizer Sued By Pro Footballer After Jabs ‘Shut Down’ His Body and Ended His Career

Fully vaccinated professional soccer player François-Xavier Fumu Tamuzo was forced to end his career prematurely in April following what he describes as “devastating vaccine injuries.”

The former Stade Lavallois player in France is now taking Pfizer and BioNTech to court, demanding compensation for destroying his health and ending his professional career.

I would like to understand why my body stopped functioning,” explains 29-year-old Fumu Tamuzo.

On July 30, 2021, Tamuzo was vaccinated for the first time with Pfizer. The second dose came a month later, on August 23, and that was followed almost immediately by a series of serious health problems which became so bad he was forced to end his professional career.

The daily life of the former midfielder renowned for his athleticism is now considerably impacted.

“Long walks are almost unbearable, jogging is impossible for me. When I want to start up, for example to go up the stairs or up a shelf or even down the stairs, the pain is severe”, he explains.

Tamuzo saw an immunologist-infectious disease specialist, who confirmed he had been injured by the vaccines.

Nevertheless, the former Stade Lavallois star counts himself as one of the lucky ones, given how many professional footballers have collapsed with serious heart conditions on the field of play in recent years.

Tamuzo still has his life and he is determined to hold to account those who have caused so much pain and suffering in the world.

For two years, my client has been in medical wandering and no one has cast any doubt on the adverse effects of the vaccine,” said his lawyer Éric Lanzarone.

“While we know that they exist today, no one can deny it. And gradually as these concerns grew, François-Xavier went to consult internal medicine specialists who eventually expressed this doubt. It must be raised ,” he told France Bleu Mayenne.

In total, Tamuzo is suing four entities: Pfizer-Germany and BioNTech as designers of the vaccine, Pfizer-France as the supplier and the French Football Federation [FFF] for making the vaccine compulsory.

Because at the time François-Xavier Fumu Tamuzo was vaccinated, vaccination was not compulsory. It later beaome compulsory for professional footballers. I consider that the FFF has a responsibility in this story.”

“They built a health protocol even before the introduction of a law ,” explained Éric Lanzarone.

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