Hamburg is considering building an asylum tent city in a prominent park

Hamburg - In view of the ongoing refugee crisis, the Hamburg Senate has now considered a park as a location for accommodation. “A parking space in the Loki Schmidt Garden could potentially be used for public accommodation,” said the Senate of the Hanseatic city in its response to a request from the AfD parliamentary group. However, the considerations are not yet complete.

AfD parliamentary group leader Dirk Nockemann was reminded of the asylum crisis in 2015 given the situation. “'Hamburg has space' was what left-green parties, clubs and associations said for years. This is unrealistic. Now 'refugees' have to be accommodated in tents or parks again. Red-Green are making the same mistakes.” A 180-degree turnaround in asylum and migration policy is needed.

Hamburg pays for hotels for refugees

The Loki Schmidt Garden, which was named after the wife of former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, is located at the Biozentrum of the University of Hamburg. It serves as a botanical garden and includes a museum.

In the past, the Senate made efforts to accommodate refugees in hotels. Hamburg hoteliers were compensated accordingly. In March 2023 alone, they presented a bill of 14.2 million euros for the 6,500 accommodations set up at the time.

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