Germany: Sexual violence on the rise thanks to immigration from Muslim countries

If you find yourself in discussions with people who don't want to hear about the connection between immigration and crime, just show them these graphics...

The connection between mass immigration and crime is clear, even if it is not openly discussed. While crime statistics usually only look back a few years, NIUS shows this connection since Merkel opened the border.

It is shown in an area that is central to people's sense of security: crimes against sexual self-determination. This includes sexual harassment, rape and sexual assault. In Hamburg, almost half of all suspects do not have a German passport. But it's not just the proportion of foreigners that is disproportionately high. There is also a temporal correlation between crime increases and immigration. The number of crimes against sexual self-determination has more than tripled nationwide.

The dramatic trend is also reflected at the city level. In Hamburg, crimes against sexual self-determination have also increased since 2014: by 240 percent from 2015 to 2023.

The development in Saxony is even more worrying. The numbers there have more than tripled.

One exception: Bavaria is honest and shows the development like NIUS since 2014 in the current crime statistics.

Source: PKS Bavaria.

Even if the topic continues to be taboo, it is clear that uncontrolled mass immigration from countries where women's rights are not in good standing correlates with an increase in crimes against sexual self-determination. These graphics show this clearly.

Source: NIUS

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