Dr. Judy Mikovits: Health agencies are hiding the cures for cancer

Renowned biomedical research scientist Dr. Judy Mikovits warns that government health agencies are hiding the cures for cancer due to greed and corruption.

Mikovits revealed this during a recent episode of the "Health Ranger Report" with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. According to her, they discovered plants and botanicals that can cure cancers like prostate cancer. But Big Government shut them down as they were making progress with their research.

"All the patents before that and all the intellectual property made by Frank Rossetti [were discarded]. We know what they did. They fired him. They locked him in a closet in Fort Detrick, with one technician who happened to be the one from hell. They shut you down. They take it all. They give somebody else your work, they publish it as fraud," she said. Rossetti was her colleague who discovered the human T-lymphotropic virus 1, the first disease associated with human retrovirus.

Mikovits herself was suppressed because of her scientific knowledge. She lost everything she ever made, such as the $10 million from Morehouse College. She became homeless and lived on a boat for some time. And her husband was murdered. "We have proof, we have absolute proof. And that's what we're running on now."

She also recalled a time when there was a syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome called immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome. "I remember very clearly what to do with your immune system. We don't make fevers. We don't get with the Interleukin-1  or IL-1 beta or the cytokine storm. We can see these things and fix it," she further stated. "If you turn that on too fast, you burn out. You have to manipulate it to hit the core pathways. We've done that over the last 15 years. We're 25 years ahead of their time." 

Mikovits: We are being censored

Elsewhere in the show, Adams brought up how scientists have been implementing "fraudulent science innovations" that cause more harm than good. One example: biosludge.

"Think about all the hormone disruptors in the biosludge that spread on the farms. And we are living in a deliberate toxic stew but then people are still signing up to take more jabs, swallow more pharmaceuticals, grow their food but they're growing their food on human shit," he said. "Every city is dumping its raw sewage all over the farms and people are like, 'I trust the science.'"

"There is no science to that," Mikovits quipped. She added that when you do statistics, there are always lies.

"Here's the science," she said pointing to all her books. "None of these books are in any library and being taught to medical students. They are being taught immunology. They're being taught consensus and propaganda. Gravity is gravity and viruses are viruses. And I know how they work. I got Ebola, and have it out very recently."

Mikovits is doing everything to let people know the truth, but it's not going to be easy. "We can't get people to hear us if we're censored," she said. 

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