Californians now ARMING themselves after Border Patrol dumps illegals on the streets

Residents of a city in California's San Diego County are now purchasing guns to defend themselves as massive numbers of illegals, some potentially violent, are released on the streets.

The New York Post elaborated on this development in an April 15 piece, zooming in on the Firearms Unlimited California gun store in the city of El Cajon. The suburb located northeast of San Diego is just 25 miles from the California sector of the U.S. border with Mexico.

Roughly 125,000 illegal aliens have been released on the streets of the San Diego area since September, which has been unsettling for the gun store's owner Cory Gautereaux. His customers, some of whom spoke with the Post, shared his worries.

"My wife and I have had home defense guns for many years," said customer Keith Carnevale, who visited with his family. "Recently though, with all the stuff that's happening south of the border and all the people coming over, my concerns have broadened."

"I don't think it's just the people that are coming over to try to find work. I think we have a lot of hostile people that are coming over with ill will, ill intent that will potentially cause chaos."

Keith's son Anthony Carnevale agreed with his father's sentiments. The younger Carnevale accompanied his father at the gun shop to buy his own firearm.

"I don't think it's just a matter of the number of undocumented people," Anthony remarked. "I think a lot of people are concerned about the state of our own government to be just allowing this and why."

Sharie Finn, another El Cajon local, meanwhile told the Post that the border issue "1,000 percent" plays a role in her decision to buy a gun. She pointed to the Glock pistol in her bag, adding: "I have that with me everywhere I go."

Finn and her husband Wally run the RAD Movement, an organization that helps families find their missing loved ones. Some of the families they aided have had members who were victims of illegal aliens.

Illegals now heading to California after Texas secures its border

"After Texas worked to seal off large swaths of its border with Mexico with razor wire and boots on the ground, more migrants started making their way to California," according to the Post.

Government data obtained by CBS News found that the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) saw a daily average of 1,200 illegals crossing into the San Diego region during the week ending on Feb. 4. In contrast, some of Texas' busiest sectors averaged just hundreds of crossings during that time. Over at the Lone Star State's Del Rio area, migrant apprehensions dropped to a mere 200 a day on the week of Feb. 4 – a huge drop compared to the 2,300 daily crossings reported in December.

"Migrants continue to be released onto the streets in and around San Diego because [USBP] processing centers in the region have more than twice as many as they can hold," the Post revealed, citing data recently obtained from the law enforcement agency. "The [USBP] can only hold migrants for up to 72 hours, and the challenge of processing them quickly while also conducting background checks has become overwhelming."

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells has also acknowledged the issue that comes with illegals being released on the streets of his city. According to him, his residents don't feel safe because of the flood of border crossers.

"We see the massive amounts of violence that's happening, a lot from the immigrant situation, but a lot from the homeless situation as well," the mayor said. "People are frightened, and I do believe they're arming themselves more."

Even Gautereaux, whose gun store sees brisk business due to the influx of illegals, is likewise concerned. He told the Post that the USBP has begun busing illegals who claim asylum into the community and releasing them onto the streets.

"The problem for people that live around the gun store is the street dropoffs," said the gun store owner. "That's driven business to us." 

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