WEF Member Demands 94% Fewer ‘Human Feet’ On Planet To Reach Agenda 2030 Goals

The global population must be urgently reduced by 94% to “fight climate change” according to a World Economic Forum Contributor who admitted that he is dedicating his life to ensuring there will soon be “less souls on the planet.”

As for how the global elite are going to achieve the goal of extreme depopulation, Sadhguru hinted that the ends justifies the means. Describing a recent speech at a conference, Sadhguru said, They asked me a brilliant question. ‘How do you reduce the human footprint?’ I said, ‘you have to reduce the number of feet.'”

According to Sadhguru,“Unless you reduce the human footprint on the planet, there is no solution for anything.”

@sadhguruji I said : “we must reduce the number of feet on the planet” - World Economic Forum conference #Sadhguru #wef #worldeconomicforum #population #disaster #technology ♬ original sound - Sadhguru

According to Sadhguru, all of the problems in the world come from the fact there are simply too many humans and this problem must be addressed urgently to ensure a better future for the small number of people to survive the mass depopulation event.

“I am thinking about instituting an award,” said Sadghuru. “For all those young women who are healthy, who are capable of having a child, but choose not to have one.”

“Because whether you realize it today or not… the problem is population.”

The WEF’s depopulation agenda has infiltrated the Biden administration with Kamala Harris saying the quiet part out loud during a recent speech.

Yes, the US government are signed up to Schwab’s depopulation agenda.

(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from thepeoplesvoice.tv)

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