Scientists Discover ‘Alien DNA’ Hidden in Blood of Vaccinated People

Scientists at an elite research unit in Spain have made a series of startling discoveries regarding the Pfizer Covid mRNA vaccine, including the disturbing fact that when placed in a reptile incubator at body temperature for 48 hours, new life forms, including heads and legs, appear to hatch in the mRNA solution.

Have the elite smuggled alien reptile DNA into the mass-produced vaccines to be pumped into the willing bodies of the compliant masses?

This may sound like bad science fiction on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper and learn about the patents over the human body taken out by Bill Gates and the global elite just before the pandemic, then what sounded like bad science fiction suddenly looks like a living nightmare for the vaccinated.

Despite what the mainstream media are attempting to convince us, the World Economic Forum are not trying to fix the world for humanity. They’re trying to fix things for a tiny minority of the world’s population. And in order to do this, they are trying to break you. You might want to start paying closer attention.

Ricardo Delgado at Project La Quinta in Spain is one of the rare examples of a scientist who has not sold his soul to the almighty dollar and is not beholden to the globalist elite. He and his team had previously made important breakthroughs in researching the experimental mRNA vaccines, finding graphene and nanotechnology in the mRNA product.

But the results from their latest experiment are potentially the most disturbing finding yet. After placing two drops of the Pfizer Covid vaccine in a reptile incubator under UV light at 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit for 48 hours, something very strange began to take place.

As Delgado explains, “Formations appeared apparently as if something hatched.”

Analysing the results under the microscope at a scale of 30 microns, researchers could see “heads and legs” emerging from what appeared to be hatching eggs.

Delgado and his team have vowed to continue investigating and they are urging others to replicate the experiment because one thing is for sure. We have not been told the truth about these vaccines.

First, we were told they were safe and effective. Mainstream media and global elites are currently desperately trying to gaslight the public into believing they never said these things. But anyone who has been paying attention has known exactly what is going to happen from the very start.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. knew exactly what was going to happen because the global elite have been preparing for the plandemic for years and they left their finger prints all over the crime scene.

The human body is a pulsing, vibrating gateway of tubes and tunnels, filled with electrolytes and all capable of transmitting information, the lifeblood of the internet and the 21st century. Now it has emerged that Bill Gates’ Microsoft was granted “exclusive rights” to this ability of the body to act as a computer network.

If this sounds too much like science fiction, then you are welcome to check this out for yourself. Microsoft was awarded US Patent 6,754,472, which is titled: Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body.

We could be talking about self-fulfilling prophecy and the Mark of the Beast.

Gates also holds another patent which he was granted before the pandemic, this one conveniently featuring the numbers 666.

Microsoft Patent 060606 was essentially preparation for a computer operating inside the human genome.

Bill Gates’ plan for body interfaced digital currency involves using the human body to mine cryptocurrency when the human watches ads or performs small demeaning tasks, and when the task has been registered as received, the user will receive a cryptocurrency or CBDC payment.

While this may sound like bad science fiction again, but it is nothing more than Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revolution being put into action.

Which means we have to ask – has the human genome of vaccinated individuals already received its computerized alien life form?

Are the vaccinated already walking, talking human cyborgs, fulfilling an as yet unknown function for the global elite – before they keel over and die of turbo cancer, as British MP Andrew Bridgen warned his constituents that he was told by a senior member of the global elite?

 Yet there are still millions of people around the world lining up for the vaccine, despite all of the evidence that it is the most harmful thing they could possibly do to their bodies.

Watch as people obediently wait in line to get yet another booster, while an injected person is carried away by an ambulance.

Some people remain incapable of thinking for themselves.


(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from

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