Israel To Punish Anyone Who Questions Oct 7th ‘Official Narrative’ With 5 Years in Prison

Israeli lawmakers are moving forward with a bill to punish anybody accused of “questioning” the “official narrative” from the Netanyahu government about the details of what happened on October 7th

Under the new law, anybody who dares to “question” or “downplay” the Netanyahu government’s version of events will be punished with up to five years behind bars.

Israel’s Knesset has approved one out of three bills that included the expulsion of families of Palestinians who resist the IDF, imprisonment for those who question the official narrative on October 7, and compensation for notorious ZAKA organization.

There have been questions over the number of people killed that day, how many of the victims were serving soldiers, and whether Israeli forces accidentally killed civilians.

Israel and the US initially alleged 40 babies were beheaded by Hamas fighters at Kfar Aza, but later walked back on the claims when journalists asked for evidence.

Other government narratives about events that day have been questioned along with the role of Zaka in retrieving bodies, a Heredi volunteer rescue service that has been mired in controversy.

Haaretz recently published an investigation that highlighted the amateur work and negligence of Zaka volunteers during the process, including little or no documentation of what was essentially a crime scene and insufficient information written on body bags.

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