British Countryside Officially Deemed ‘Racist’ Due to ‘Lack of Diversity’

The British countryside has been officially labelled “racist” by a group of major wildlife charities due to the fact that it doesn’t represent non-British values.

“Wildlife and Countryside Link, a charity umbrella group whose members include the RSPCA, WWF and National Trust, made the claim in evidence provided to Parliament on racism and its influence on the natural world,” the Telegraph reports. reports: With more and more natives fleeing big cities and towns beset with the myriad of problems caused by ‘diversity’ and mass migration and moving to the countryside, that’s apparently driving a major problem.

The country’s green spaces are “dominated by white people” and are influenced by “racist colonial legacies” that are frightening away ethnic minorities from visiting them, the report claims.

Non-whites cannot ‘enjoy the outdoors’ because of the perception that the countryside is a “white space,” it adds.

“Cultural barriers reflect that in the UK, it is White British cultural values that have been embedded into the design and management of green spaces, and into society’s expectations of how people should be engaging with them,” states the report.

The groups are demanding the government create “legally binding target for access to nature” in order to address “structural racism”.

As we previously highlighted, “hate crime experts” comprising of academics specializing in ‘colonialist studies’ were tasked with denouncing the countryside as racist because too many white people live there.

The Muslim Hikers group has also claimed that rural areas are seen as unwelcoming to minority communities, with the people who live there seemingly wanting to avoid the issues that “minority communities” bring with them.

How dare they?

Maybe the only way for the British countryside to shed its racist image is for huge migrant high-rise ghettos to be built on greenbelt land and for the current inhabitants to get a taste of the “cultural enrichment” that all that brings.

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