Klaus Schwab Signs Order Drafting US Men and Women to Fight For Globalists in WW3

American men and women are set to be imminently drafted to fight for the globalists in World War 3 if Klaus Schwab gets his way, after the World Economic Forum leader was heard boasting that he has signed an executive order compelling the Biden administration to supply American bodies for the front lines.

Schwab made the remarks at an event in Dubai earlier this week where he was speaking to 600 so-called experts on the topic of how to “Rule the World.”

When Schwab says jump, Biden says how high.

Since when did the U.S. have “an obligation” to fight foreign wars?

And make no mistake, the globalists have big plans to reshape the entire world in the next few years.

The elite are happy sending your money overseas forever and sending your children overseas to fight their globalist World War 3. Are we going to let them?

Lord Rothschild admitted his family created Israel as part of the great masterplan for World War 3 – and now their agenda is playing out before our very eyes.

The useful idiots on mainstream media were quick to call the attack “Israel’s 9/11” – and they were closer to the truth than they will ever realize.

Just like the 9/11 attacks, the government was complicit and the military was ordered to stand down. And just like 9/11, the globalist elite are now rubbing their hands together at the prospect of launching more forever wars in the Middle East, more devaluation of currencies, more neglect of the people in favor of war, death, and the globalist agenda.

At the time of the attack on Israel, security experts were stunned and said the Hamas attack did not make sense and the bore all the hallmarks of an inside job. Now we know that the Israeli government did know about the attacks in advance.

The Times of Israel, Associated Press and Al-Jazeera are reporting that Egypt warned Israel of a major attack coming from Gaza 10 days before the events on the weekend, but Israeli officials ignored it.

And now we know why Israeli forces took seven agonizing hours to respond to calls for help from terrorized citizens.

Here’s Lauren Witzke with more on the stand down order issued by Netanyahu to the Israeli military.

Anybody who is still on the fence about whether the hidden hand of the elite is currently orchestrating world events should take a look at this Economist cover from 11 years ago.

The Rothschild-owned Economist magazine has a history of uncannily predicting the future with their covers.

Let’s zoom in on the detail in the top of the image.

Did they have a time machine?

The elite plan the future, and adapt to how the public reacts to their plans.

Those who know their history understand that the Rothschilds have been trying to claim Palestine’s sovereignty for centuries. In 1829 they offered the huge fortune of 35 million piastres to the Turkish sultan.

Now they are making their move, in the exact manner Albert Pike told us they would in his foundational Illuminati text published way back in 1871.

That’s right, the events that are playing out before our very eyes has been in the works for centuries.

Klaus Schwab wasn’t joking when he said he had penetrated the cabinets of Western democracies and appointed his puppets.

Biden is fully signed up to the agenda and determined to play his role in the elites’ Third World War.

Ask yourself this, will Biden make the situation even worse when he makes what CNN are even admitting is a “high-stakes” trip to Israel this week?

You can bet your bottom dollar he will.

Violence begets more violence. The elite are determined to send humanity on a race to the bottom, while they get richer, tighten the noose around humanity’s neck, and enact their long-planned agenda for World War 3 and a one world government.

Are we going to let them?


(Article by Baxter Dmitry republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv)

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