Dr. Drew Reveals 50% of mRNA Victims Now Have ‘Permanent Heart Damage’

Fifty percent of young men who were told their cases of post-Covid vaccine myocarditis were mild and nothing to worry about now have “permanent heart damage” according to a new study.

“It took my breath away,” said Dr. Drew during an interview on the Megyn Kelly Show. “A major just came out five days ago, a major cardiology journal, an excellent study, it took my breathe away. It showed that approximately half the young males had permanent heart damage. That means we don’t what percentage are going to be disabled by this as they get older, they are going to develop heart failure, and they are going to need heart transplants.”

Dr. Drew says he doesn’t understand why study is not on the front page of every reputable newspaper in the world. “For a 27-year-old male, the (COVID) illness is nothing. So the vaccine is all risk. Why the push? Why were they pushing?” Watch:

The veteran celebrity doctor also strongly recommended that injured students sue any school that mandated the experimental mRNA vaccine.

Megyn Kelly also advised young people to “get a fake card” if anybody tries to force them to get vaccinated in the future.

“If anybody tries to say you have to get the shot to get in, get a fake one,” said Kelly. “Get a fake one. Just Google it. Get a fake card.

“Don’t comply. It’s bullshit. If they are going to create these bullshit rules, you can create your bullshit ways around them. It’s all just just like theatre. OK, so let’s act. I can act like I’ve just gotten my fiftieth booster and you can act like you are satisfied I’m telling you the truth.”

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