Ukraine Black Sea Grain Deal: A Trafficking Hub

As the rhetoric goes, Russia publicly declared that they would not renew the Ukraine Black Sea Grain Deal.   The Deal was launched last summer with specific guarantees to Russia – as well as Ukraine.   Problem: The West didn’t uphold their side of the Deal and continued to levy sanctions on Russian fertilizer and grain including shipping and insurance issues.   Every major media in the West is tasked with promoting the same story – same verbiage – same dastardly notations.   Same Propaganda.

What they don’t inform is the fact that Ukraine’s entire cereal exports account for just $9 billion in total value, representing 19% of total exports.   Or 1% of its GDP.   In fact, Ukraine’s trade has been highlighted to show that cereals account for the majority of its exports.   However, according to UN Comtrade – of all goods exported – “Other” represents the largest category at 40%.

Headlines:   “The Needy Will Die!”   “We Feed The World”.   What needy, 90% to 95% of Ukraine’s cereal exports were actually sent to the EU.   Not Africa or Moldova, or Pakistan.   Poland declared the grain spoilt and agreed to allow livestock to consume it.   Since then, Poland has declared they will be a transit line – not a hub for Ukraine grain.

The Deal meant that Ukrainian ships could freely move about the Black Sea without restrictions. But there are numerous oddities about Ukraine’s and the West’s assertions:

  1. It is unknown what is truly in the shipping or railway containers. Given Ukraine was a shipping point for child and slave trafficking – could that be why the West is so incensed?
  2. The grain did NOT go to the nations in need – but was sent to transit points in the EU.
  3. The global trade of cereals represents just $159 billion.   Meaning Ukraine at its best accounts for roughly 5%.
  4. Top exporters of cereals:    US, Argentina, India and Russia.
  5. Russia called on the West, the UN and Turkey to abide by the Contract and relieve sanctions that target Russia’s ability to ship grain.   Not once – but every single time Russia agreed to extend the Deal, despite the West, aka US, not adhering to the Russian side..
  6. The amount of cereals exported by Ukraine has already been surpassed by Russia and Argentina –
  7. What’s The Grain?

Obviously there is something else afoot – and given the amplified concern over grain – it is much more likely that the grain housed something else much more profitable.   Something along the lines of Drugs, organs, Women slaves, and children.

Something is very amiss.

  • According to the World Integrated Trade, the category “Other” Trade is labeled “service” = $15.5 billion exported on $10.7 billion imported.
  • Farm workers have also become war conscripts, leaving farmers high and dry to tend what’s left of fields. Zelenskyy initiated exemptions for ‘some farmers’. Locals declare that doubling conscripts ignored the exemption. And training consisted of five days.

According to Ukraine’s agriculture calendar as provided by the US, Ukraine has only just harvested its agriculture products, ie winter wheat and corn and nothing has been exported since last summer and fall. Yet a row with Poland last April was about spoilt grain imports that were ‘subsidized’. Who is subsidizing Ukraine grain?   USAID.

And where did Ukraine get grain to export in April?

At the time of the row with Poland, the Minister of Agriculture, Henryk Kowalczyk, was criticized for accepting Ukraine ‘grain’ and profiting from its sale.   He was immediately terminated just hours before he was set to meet with Zelenskyy.   10% for the other Big Guy.

When the Black Sea deal was created Zelenskyy declared that Ukraine would serve the global good and export its grain to Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen.   Sudan received nothing from Ukraine but instead imported from Russia, Argentina, and Romania.   Somalia imported from Russia. Yemen’s wheat came from Canada, India, Russia and US.   Ukraine?   Nada.

So again – what exactly did Ukraine transport in those 1080 ships that left port last fall?

US Department on Trade:  “Ukraine is one of the world’s top agricultural producers and exporters and plays a critical role in supplying oilseeds and grains to the global market.”   In whose reality?

During CoVid, Ukraine’s economy ranked 119th.  Ukraine’s median wealth in 2018 was $40.   GDP PP was $3,881- estimated. given Ukraine has no bookkeeping.  During Covid Ukraine took a complete shutdown as a solution – destroying its economy. Grain output slumped by 40%.   Fields died.

Zelenskyy has adamantly proclaimed that Ukraine has received some $40 billion from the US in aide.   Yet Biden’s Black Book declares the US has spent $130 billion+.   Zelenskyy has declared that 70% of US arm shipments end up on the black market.   Yet the DoD does nothing, says nothing, hears nothing…   Now US Taxpayers are told that  money sent to Ukraine came from US Social Security Department… a department that routinely declares it is BROKE!

And here it is before edits:   In 2017, according to World Bank, Ukraine’s shadow economy accounted for 37% of GDP.   That would translate to “Other Services” in imports and exports.  That would include child trafficking, organ trafficking and slave trafficking.

The fact that The US Department of Defense refuses to account for ANY of Ukraine’s funding, the fact that Biden signed an EO giving Lloyd Austin the power to declare a National Emergency, the fact that Ukraine’s shadow economy accounts for 40% of trade, the fact that Ukraine has been embroiled in Child trafficking, organ trafficking, drug trafficking – should IMPACT American People in the complete breakdown of the US Government and its NGO’s.

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