Roger Stone Responds to Hunter’s Sweetheart Deal: “I Got No Break. I Got No Special Deal. I Got No Reduction, and I Will Have to Pay Back Every Penny”

Roger Stone nailed it on Wednesday on The Joe Hoft Show when discussing the Biden-Obama DOJ.

Roger Stone joined The Joe Hoft Show today and gave an incredible history of his entrance into politics before addressing the corrupt DOJ’s actions against him compared to Hunter Biden. 

Stone shared that he got into politics in 1964 when he attended the 1964 GOP convention in San Francisco, where Barry Goldwater was nominated the GOP candidate for President.  Although Goldwater didn’t win the 1964 race, his impact on the GOP was monumental as he founded the modern conservative movement.  Before this time, the East Coast GOP ran the party.  Goldwater opened the party up to the people.

Stone shared the history of the 64′ race and how LBJ was a segregationist through and through.  But the media at that time attacked Goldwater mercilessly and provided LBJ his win.

In 1968 Stone got on the Nixon train.  He ended up working for Nixon in the White House at a young age.  Stone shared on how he wrote Nixon and said his race against JFK was rigged and encouraged him to run.  Roger Stone was just a teenager at that time.

After years of being in and around politics, Stone met Donald Trump in 1979 for the first time.  Stone was working for Reagan and Trump said to him, “Well, I wondered when you were going to turn up.”

Trump shared this because all the other candidates had approached him and he was waiting for Reagan’s team to do so as well.  He backed Reagan and kept up with his candidacy and became a steadfast supporter of Reagan.

After this, Stone created a company with Paul Manafort.  They together knew a lot about politics and decided they could help the GOP out and young Republicans at the same time.  Manafort then became an expert on delegate counting and conventions which led to his being picked by President Trump to do just that years later.

Stone went on to discuss the BS charges against Manafort and how the DOJ went after Manafort while ignoring the crimes of corrupt Democrat John Podesta who worked for Manafort and did the same thing.

The DOJ wanted Manafort to lie about President Trump and he wouldn’t.  They did the same thing to later to Roger Stone.

At the 39:00-minute mark in the audio below, Stone compared Hunter Biden’s actions to those of Manafort and himself.  Stone says that FARA violations are “only in place for Republicans” after watching the DOJ indict Manafort for this crime while ignoring Hunter Biden for the same crime across many years in many countries.

They were prosecuting Manafort in an effort to pressure him to turn on Trump which he refused to do.  Unfortunately for him, he was first.  He served serious time in prison…

Stone says that he went through the same experience.  In the end, Mueller found no information that he had colluded with the Russians or fabricated with WikiLeaks.  Corrupt Judge Amy Berman Jackson claimed Stone covered up for President Trump – “covered up what?” Stone says.  It was all a lie.

On the other hand, Hunter Biden today was given immunity from being prosecuted for crimes in perpetuity.  Hunter gets off scot-free on crimes into the future.

“This is something very important that I wanted to address.  After I was pardoned, I was sued by the Biden Justice Department over my 2006 taxes.  Let’s be very clear, I owed the IRS $2 million, three quarters of which is penalties and interest. The government will negotiate no reductions in that.  It is highly unusual.  After making 8 years of payments against that…at a certain point I ran out of money.

At no point did I not report any income of any asset.  Hunter Biden failed to report $8.2 million worth of income.  That’s a big difference, yet I see Dan Goldman say, Roger Stone walked out on $2 million.  I didn’t walk out on anything.  I have to repay every single penny.  I will have to pay every month for the rest of my life…

I got no break.  I got no special deal.  I got no reduction, and I will have to pay every penny.  But unlike Hunter Biden, I never under reported income and never failed to report any asset.  He failed to report $8.2 million in income, in which he owes about $2.7 million in taxes. Apples and oranges.  Not even remotely similar and this idea that I got some kind of a break is nonsensical.

Roger Stone goes on to say that he and his wife are materially poorer but spiritually much richer.  This entire process led him and his wife (and Manafort) to the Lord Jesus Christ.  His life is a blessing.

Listen to the entire interview beginning at the 20-minute mark below:

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