Democrat Claire McCaskill to Jen Psaki: “They’re Going to Try to Indict a Father for Loving His Son, Who Has Been Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol”

Democrats were desperate yesterday after the Biden regime was caught in court red-handed on national TV and in the courtroom gifting First Son and crackhead Hunter Biden with the sweetheart deal of the century.  Thankfully, the deal collapsed in court when even a Democrat judge could not put her name on it.

MSNBC was so desperate in their attempt to hoodwink their viewers that they dragged out former US Senator from Missouri Claire McCaskill to spin the historic Democrat corruption.

Claire McCaskill told former Biden White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki, “They’re going to keep doing what they’re doing.  They’re going to try to indict a father for loving his son who has been addicted to drugs and/or alcohol without evidence of the father doing anything other than loving that son.”

Hugo Chavez could not have said it any better.

Via Town Hall.

Yesterday, a US Judge in the District Court in Delaware shelved Hunter’s “sweetheart” plea deal for willful tax evasion and an illegal gun purchase after learning that Foreign Agent Registration Act charges were not a part of the deal.  He would have faced no jail time and been granted immunity from future charges.

When Judge Maryellen Noreika asked about whether the Foreign Registered Agent Act investigation would be a part of the plea deal.  His attorneys argued there would be no plea deal if the FARA charges were a part of it.  At that point, the Judge shelved the plea deal and asked Hunter:

“Without me saying I’ll agree to the plea agreement, how do you plead?”

“Not guilty, your honor” he responded.

It was also revealed yesterday that Hunter’s lawyers allegedly misrepresented themselves as working for GOP attorney Ted Kittila’s office in a bizarre effort to get testimony sealed in the case, which would include the IRS Whistleblower testimony.

But the Biden regime got caught. So it must be a two-tiered justice system.
We are truly up against evil. And we all need to understand that.

(Article by Jim Hoft republished from TheGatewayPundit)

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