GOP Uniparty Senators Threaten to Leave and Become Democrats

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These people are liars, and they have been lying for a long time. They have never represented the American people. 

Radical far-left Senators are threatening to leave the GOP if the party continues on its path of representing the people.

The Democrats no longer represent America.  They push the war in Ukraine against nuclear power Russia, the invasion across the Southern border (which supports drug cartels, Chinese manufactured fentanyl and US-backed child trafficking), massive spending (causing massive inflation), the destruction of the human body, mind and soul (through trans-rights and perverted child pornography), and the ultimate destruction of this great Christian country.

Now four GOP US Senators are threatening to join them.

According to Conservative Treehouse:

According to interviews conducted by The Hill, several Republican senators are now saying they just cannot be members of the Republican Party if they are forced to represent the interests of the base voter.  These very specifically named Republicans have always been members of the UniParty in DC; however, now they are saying “populism” amid the commonsense, America First voting base is not going to be acceptable.

The senators are openly warning that if putting American interests first is going to be demanded by the voters, these Republicans will just become Democrats.   There is no reason for Americans to distrust the institutions the Republican senators support, and there will be no compromise or discussion.

What is making these Republican senators angrier is that who they consider to be intellectual and professional people are also demanding a more populist approach toward a government that represents the people.  This is just not going to be allowed according to Lisa Murkowski, John Thune, John Cornyn and the other names outlined.

Good riddance. 

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