BAY AREA HELL: San Francisco Stores Now Chaining Their Freezers and Bathrooms Shut to Stop Shoplifters – One Store Has Been Robbed 20 Times in One Day (VIDEO)

 Credit: Greenberg Nation Twitter/Daily Mail

Why do businesses even bother trying to operate anymore in the People’s Republic of San Francisco?

The Daily Mail reported Tuesday that shoplifting crimes have now reached such startling heights in the city that grocery stores are now resorting to desperate measure including chaining their freezers shut to stop criminals from cleaning out their places of business.

Betty Yu, a local CBS affiliate reporter, shared video showing the doors in the frozen foods section at a local Walgreens locked. The New York Post reported that shoppers need staffer assistance to purchase the products.

Yu’s video goes on to show other rows of products, including household goods, cosmetics and snacks, locked behind plastic barriers on the shelves as well. She also drops a shocking statistic: thieves have been cleaning out ALL the pizza and ice cream at least 20 TIMES a day. <


Another user posted a photo showing a padlocked ice cream freezer at a CVS. He had arrived at the store to purchase medicine and noted that he also saw police car on scene.

The stores are not stopping with just padlocking freezers and household goods, though. A local resident revealed she has witnessed stores that have not closed in her neighborhood are locking their bathroom doors.

Are thieves now stealing toilet paper and soap?

The San Francisco Standard reports that workers are quitting because they are tired of constantly unlocking items and carrying them to the checkout for customers.

Here is what one worker, David McDowell, told the outlet:

It’s just too much. Having to bring things to the front was a game changer.

Every day, it’s like this.

None of this should come as a shock. The Gateway Pundit reported last month that Safeway and other local grocery stores in Vallejo installed metal emergency gates to combat out-of-control shoplifting.

Fox Business reported that property crime has risen by 10.4% since last year. Shoplifters often come armed with bats and other weapons to carry out their despicable crimes.

This is what happens when you elect far-left Democrat officials and pro-crime district attorneys. Businesses will continue to struggle and eventually die in San Francisco as long as leftists remain in power.

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