DOUBLE AGENT? China supplies drones to both Ukraine and Russia

Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, mainstream media has been consistent in claiming that China has been in full support and partnership with Moscow, including supplying military drones, to be used in the ongoing conflict. But this may not be the case as American Moscow-based political analyst and regular contributor to Global Research Andrew Korybko shared on his Substack newsletter how Kyiv accidentally proved the communist country is actually "militarily neutral" in the NATO-Russian proxy war.

"Kyiv's foreign patrons would have certainly been aware of their proxy clandestinely procuring drones from China via its volunteers' purchases, yet they turned a blind eye out of military convenience while simultaneously pushing false claims about that country is arming Russian forces," he said in the article. First of all, he said, that the West claiming that China is secretly sending Russia military equipment disqualifies China from their suspicion that the Asian country is mediating a political resolution to the proxy war in Ukraine because would mean that it is not neutral.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's Deputy Defense Minister Vitaly Deinega has been disputing the allegations that they are receiving military supplies straight from China as Kyiv is avoiding irritating President Joe Biden's regime. "As far as it was explained to me… we cannot buy anything Chinese so as not to hurt our relationship with the United States," Deinega told Ukrainian news outlet Leviy Bereg on Monday. The government official also disclosed to local media that volunteers procure Chinese drones for their forces since they can't do so directly due to U.S. pressure.

However, Korybko pointed out that it does not mean that it is arming Ukraine against Russia just like similar claims from the mainstream media. It likewise does not follow that the Chinese state is arming Russia against Ukraine, he said.

"It shows that private Chinese drone suppliers are selling their wares to similarly private buyers who clandestinely pass them along to the most direct participants in this proxy war," the journalist explained.

Nevertheless, critics see how China is benefitting massively from selling its military equipment both ways, though not directly. Business is good for CCP.

Xi takes credit for warning Putin against a nuclear attack on Ukraine

Further supporting the claims that China is a "double-sided" sword, Chinese President Xi Jinping takes the credit for warning Russian President Vladimir Putin against triggering a nuclear explosion at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant (ZNPP) in Ukraine – it's like saying to Kyiv that "Beijing cares for you even though we have close ties with Moscow."

The face-to-face message was delivered during Xi's state visit to Moscow in March, western and Chinese officials said. Stopping Putin from possibly spreading radiation via a local nuclear explosion has been central to China's campaign to repair damaged ties with Europe, said a senior adviser to the Chinese government. But analysts that are Kyiv-leaning on this war have doubted Beijing's commitment to such deterrence, given Xi's deep partnership with Putin and a "peace plan" that heavily overlaps with Russian talking points.

However, they are given a spark of hope that China is backing up its public rhetoric behind closed doors. "The Chinese are taking credit for sending the message at every level," a senior U.S. administration official said. Echoing the same idea, European Union's Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell said back in March that the Chinese president's visit "reduces the risk of nuclear war and Chinese have made it very, very clear."

And China's opinion seems to have a great influence on Putin's decision. As per Financial Times, Russia's invasion is heavily reliant on support from China, which has helped Moscow to navigate economic sanctions that have excluded it from critical global markets and supply chains.

Meanwhile, Alexander Gabuev, director of the Carnegie Russia Eurasia Center, insisted that Russia's Putin will not be entirely dependent on China's advice as "nuclear weapons are the ultimate insurance Putin has against losing this war catastrophically," he stressed. (Related: Intelligence officer Jeffrey Prather and Mike Adams unravel the global geopolitical puzzle: China, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia and the accelerating collapse of the USA.)

Watch the video below where Intelligence Officer Jeffrey Prather and Health Ranger Mike Adams talk about China, Taiwan, Russia and Ukraine.

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