Intelligence officer Jeffrey Prather and Mike Adams unravel the global geopolitical puzzle: China, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia and the accelerating collapse of the USA

Intelligence officer Jeffrey Prather ( joined me for a whirlwind discussion surrounding the global geopolitical puzzle. We talked China and Taiwan, Russia and Ukraine, accelerating collapse of US cities and the de-dollarization trend that will lead to the end of the United States of America as it is currently structured.

One likely outcome, Prather explains, is that regional nation states of the once-former USA will declare independence and launch their own local currencies as the dollar collapses.

During the interview, Prather emphasizes the importance of getting yourself (and your family) physically located in a state or region where you want to be when it all hits the fan. For those who don't want to die under the thumb of tyrants, this would mean moving out of blue cities or states.

The lawless cities will be death traps, and many people simply will not escape.

Ultimately, Prather believes that We the People will be victorious against the criminal cartel now in power, who are pretending to be "legitimate government," but that the ultimate cost of that victory will be very high, with many lives destroyed and lost before the cabal collapses.

This is one of the most fascinating and highly informative interviews you'll hear this year. It begins at around minute 38 of the Brighteon Broadcast News video below, which also covers:

- RFK, Jr. has angered all the large corporate donors and needs OUR help

- WEF is going after crypto, and PRIVACY coins will be the solution

- New show Decentralize.TV launches today

- Like TRANS, is PREGNANCY merely a state of mind, or is it a real, testable thing?

- New laws will allow MEN to declare they are pregnant to get more time off work

- Full interview with Jeffrey Prather, intelligence officer and analyst

- Covers China, Taiwan, Ukraine, Russia, domestic civil war and why WE THE PEOPLE WIN in the end 

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