Franken-meat grown from chicken cells in labs set to take over US restaurants and supermarkets as GLOBAL FOOD RESET begins

Some big questions preside over whether the new fake "cultured" chicken meat will be labeled as such when it's served in all the major restaurants and sold in supermarkets across the nation soon, now that it's approved for "manufacturing" from chicken cells in a laboratory. Natural health advocates call this Franken-meat, because only Frankenstein himself would be dumb enough to eat experimental, lab-concocted, chicken-cell-junk-science food stuff.

The global food supply is being "reset" by insidious globalists who fund the creation of gain-of-function viruses, deadly blood-clotting "vaccines" for those viruses, and Franken-meat for all the infected-and-injected zombies to sink their eye teeth into like drooling werewolves. According to climate change enthusiasts and extremists, humans are ending all earth life in the next few years by driving fuel-based vehicles, flying anywhere in a plane, using plastic straws at Starbucks, and wait for it… eating land animals.

Supposedly, according to the fake news and pharma-controlled mass media "green machine," it's perfectly sustainable to eat cockroaches, grub worms, and fake-meat made from chicken cells that's grown in a test tube and injected with God-knows what to make it jiggle and bleed like real meat.

So far, only Singapore and US "regulators" have approved sale of Franken-meat

Do the new lab-concocted MUTANT CHICKEN CHUNKS contain spike proteins to further clog the vascular systems of all the Covid-injected masses and anyone else who isn't paying attention to what goes into their mouth? Forget about all that farm-to-table eating, the globalists want everyone engaging the new lab-to-toilet meat, where there's no safety regulations or clinical trials for the short or long-term, to find out how this fake meat will affect the human body.

It's all one big globalist experiment on the sheeple, just like the lab-to-human Wuhan Flu, and the lab-to-human clot shot injections of the 2019-to-forever scamdemic.

Get ready for "Upside Foods" and "Good Meat" companies to slip lab-concocted mutant-chicken-chunks into all the corporate franchised and big chain restaurants very soon. Will they have to carry a warning label of any kind? Of course, they're already allowed to call it "meat," but don't dare call hemp milk or oat milk "milk."

Will "Upside Foods" and "Good Meat" grow the test-tube meat in a lab, use food processers to blend and press it, then slice it with ridges to make it appear like it's real chicken breasts, and then have restaurants serve it up, all baked and broiled to perfection for the gullible US Franken-food-eaters to chow down on?

Yes, the Agriculture Department has approved the dietary blueprint plan by the freaky globalists

"Sir and ma'am, would you care for a side of barbecue-fried roaches or spicy jalapeno grub worms to go with your medium-rare, cell-cultivated, charbroiled lab-steak?" Later on during the meal, "Just so you know, all of our Franken-meat is stamped 'sustainable' by the World Economic Forum climate change agenda and by the Bill Gates Society for Population Reduction."

Good Meat brand touted their own Franken-meat lab concoction in a recent statement, "Today's a watershed moment for the burgeoning cultivated meat, poultry and seafood sector, and for the global food industry." Then Upside Foods had to chime in, claiming how cultured meat in the USA will "fundamentally change how meat makes it to our table."

It's all supposedly about lowering the temperature on Earth because the oceans are gobbling up the shorelines everywhere, as beaches look exactly the same as they did five years ago, when the Queen of Climate Change, Greta something, said we would all be either drowned by the oceans or burned alive after bursting into flames by now.

The fake chicken chunks will first be served at UNDISCLOSED Washington DC and San Francisco restaurants, to test out the freaky-meat on sheeple in Democrat-run metro cities, then on into grocery stores in other zombie-infested (extreme liberal) cities of America. So far, "plant-based" Franken-foods have been a complete disaster in this country, called out for what they really are by every natural health advocate on the planet.

Tune your food news frequency to and get updates on experimental meat chunks coming from laboratories to corporate-run meat hubs near you. 

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from

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