Daughter of Big Pharma Executive Dies ‘Suddenly’ Following COVID Jab

The daughter of a Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine executive “died suddenly” earlier this month after being forced to take the jab that her father helped produce.

According to her family, 10-year-old girl Kelsey Corinne Morand suffered a fatal brain injury following a seizure on July 3 shortly after getting the vaccine.

 “Our 10 year old daughter Kelsey Morand passed away unexpectedly on July 3rd, 2023,” reads a fundraiser in memory of Kelsey. “She suffered a brain injury brought on by a seizure and the result was too severe.”

According to reports: A friend of the family wrote in a Facebook post the girl was “in the pediatric ICU after an extreme seizure yesterday that resulted in her flatlining for 20 minutes. She has been intubated, and is continuing to have seizure.

Facebook screenshots that have been making the rounds on social media reveal that Mike, Kelsey’s father, held a senior position at Johnson & Johnson and was instrumental in developing the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Friends – Wanted to share a bit of gratitude,” reads one Oct. 16, 2020, post. “I just started a new role at Johnson & Johnson as Director of Channel Strategy for Vaccines. First objective is to support the successful launch of our COVID vaccine, and I am extremely proud to play a small role in this unprecedented challenge.”

A tragic Facebook update from Morand just earlier this month noted Kelsey had “passed away unexpectedly.”

Being the daughter of an executive that helped produce the dangerous vaccines, it is extremely likely that the young girl would have been compelled to take the vaccine herself.

In Oct. 2021 Johnson & Johnson began conducting Phase 2a trials on Covid jabs for adolescents aged 12 to 17 years of age, however, the FDA last month revoked J&J’s emergency use authorization, effectively putting a halt to the company’s Covid vaccine program.

While it was not mRNA-based, the J&J one-dose Covid jab became the subject of scrutiny following reports it was causing blood clots in patients.

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