Bill Gates’ WHO Granted $9 Million From Canada to Mass Vaccinate Nigeria With Depopulation Jab

The Bill Gates-funded WHO has been granted a $9 million grant from the Canadian government to mass vaccinate people in Nigeria with toxic mRNA jabs.

In 2020, a worldwide controversy erupted in Nigeria. Bill Gates was caught bribing the Nigerian government to initiate a forced vaccination program.

Following the controversy, there was a major backlash from the Nigerian people against Gates and Big Pharma, which resulted in very low vaccination rates in Nigeria. reports: So, Bill Gates had a closed door meeting with the Nigerian President last month and promised $7 billion for Africa for vaccination.

I suspect the close-door meeting didn’t discuss what actually was the impact of the Polio vaccination program in Africa.

According to a peer reviewed study published in a respected journal by the world’s most authoritative vaccine scientists, Bill Gates DTP vaccine killed 10 times more African girls than the disease itself. The vaccine apparently compromised their immune systems. Although, such study was never performed before 2017, Bill Gates and the Vaccine Alliance GAVI and WHO pushed the vaccines on unsuspecting African babies.

Canada to Vaccinate Nigeria

A month after Bill Gates visit to Nigeria, the WHO has received $9 million from the Government of Canada to vaccinate Nigeria. The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced its acceptance of a $9.3 million grant from the Canadian government to aid 15 states in Nigeria with the lowest COVID-19 vaccination rates.

Walter Mulombo, the WHO country representative, made this announcement during the launch of Canada’s global initiative for vaccine equity (CanGIVE) grant in Abuja on Wednesday.

The grant will be allocated to the following states: Benue, Kogi, Taraba, Katsina, Kebbi, Anambra, Ebonyi, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Rivers, Lagos, Ogun, and Ondo.

In his statement, Mulombo emphasized that the funds will be instrumental in promoting gender-responsive, equity-based, and human rights-focused interventions. The aim is to ensure that the “leaving no one behind” agenda is successfully implemented throughout the country.

“The timely arrival of this grant will significantly enhance the vaccination coverage and uptake among priority populations in alignment with the WHO SAGE roadmap on the usage of COVID-19 vaccines,” stated the country representative.

Mulombo highlighted that presently, 14 states in Nigeria have vaccination coverage of less than 50 percent among their target population.

Vaccination Punishment Program

Bill Gates funded and British led GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) has created a system called “Performance based funding” whereby they financially punish nations based on their compliance or non-compliance to vaccination programs.

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