US govt is FUNDING invasion camps in Central America – exclusive interview with Michael Yon

The United States government is secretly funding the migrant invasion camps in Panama, where hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals -- mostly military-aged men -- have been staged, processed and transported to the United States to take their positions across the country. One such camp is called "San Vicente," near the Darien Gap in Panama. Former special forces operator Michael Yon has toured the camp, revealing a sprawling, ever-expanding network of invasion infrastructure that's being directly supported by Homeland Defense secretary Mayorkas as well as other key members in the Biden administration.

Through these US government funded camps, hundreds of thousands of foreign actors are being planted across the USA, ready to receive orders for an attempted Marxist revolution that would demand the mass murder of US governors, senators, mayors, chiefs of police and any citizen that resists the takeover.

This invasion of America is not being reported by the CIA-controlled mainstream media. Nor is it admitted by the Biden regime that's helping carry it out. But this is an actual invasion and occupation of the continental United States of America by enemy forces that mean to topple the USA, seize its territory, kill its citizens and claim its bountiful natural resources.

We are living in a war zone, and the enemy is taking up key positions across the country right now, preparing to launch its final assault that will take out U.S. infrastructure and leave the nation in ruins.

Meanwhile, Americans are asleep, believing their nation is somehow invincible, even as it is being overrun. The enemy isn't even being challenged at the border. They are being welcomed right in.

Michael Yon sounds the alarm in today's Brighteon Broadcast News interview:

- Ocean Gate submarine company went "woke" and fired the white guys who could do math

- Now the vessel is probably stranded at 13,000 feet below the ocean surface

- It's the perfect metaphor for the sinking civilization of the West, where WOKE is more important than MERIT

- US hospitals to start RESTRICTING medical procedures due to climate change

- Total government control via CBDCs will disallow you from buying food, fuel, transportation and more

- Greta Thunberg predicted we would all be DEAD by now

- Climate cultists and Leftists are obsessed with IMAGINARY threats while ignoring REAL threats

- Full interview with Michael Yon, revealing how US government is FUNDING the "invasion camps" in Central America

- Google Earth erases all images of the invasion camps in Panama as cover-up continues

- Google is complicit in the invasion and occupation of America by illegal aliens who are mostly military-aged men

(Article by Mike Adams republished from )

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