Steve Kirsch offers Paul Offit $50,000 to take entire CDC-recommended vaccine schedule in one sitting


"In theory, healthy infants could safely get up to 100,000 vaccines at once" are the infamous words uttered several years back by pediatrician Dr. Paul Offit, Director of the Vaccine Education Center and professor of pediatrics in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. And now, Offit has the chance to prove this claim with a $50,000 offer from Steve Kirsch if Offit agrees to take just the several dozen vaccines on the official schedule up to age 18 from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the caveat being that Offit must take all of them "in one sitting."

Kirsch wants Offit to "walk the talk" by agreeing to sit down and get injected with every CDC-scheduled jab all at one time. If Offit ever agrees to this, Kirsch will fork over $50,000 to the charity of Offit's choice – check out this BMJ rapid response written by Age of Autism editor John Stone for the full story on Offit's infamous statement.

"Dr. Offit only has to take one dose of each vaccine," Kirsch stipulated. "No aspiration is allowed on each needle poke since that is what the CDC recommends ... No batch number selection can be made. This shouldn't be a problem for Paul since all batches are equally safe, as we all know. Those who claim there are deadly batches are just conspiracy theorists!"

Will Offit walk his talk and agree to Kirsch's offer? Highly unlikely

Kirsch is, of course, kidding with the conspiracy theory talk, throwing the same verbiage that Offit spews on a regular basis right back at him. Why not get all those safe vaccines injected into your body all at once, Dr. Offit? Why would you not agree to do this and help a charity of your choice at the same time?

In order to ensure that Offit receives the real thing and not saline, Kirsch says he will supply a "top doctor to monitor the injections." This should not be a problem as there are no contraindications on any of the FDA-approved labels that suggest Kirsch's challenge is in any way unsafe.

Other key terms that Offit must comply with include:

• Agreeing to undergo a psychiatric examination to establish sanity

• Signing an iron-clad liability waiver absolving the funders of all liability for whatever happens after the shots are dispensed

• Agreeing to prescribe and order all medications that are to be injected, or to delegate that task to someone else

• Allowing Kirsch to independently verify that none of the vials have been tampered with

• Agreeing to self-inject all vaccines or find someone else willing to do it

• Being allowed to bail out of taking all further injections at any point during the process

• Stopping all further injections if a medical emergency occurs, in which case no payment will be made

• Agreeing to not be paid if even one of the shots is not taken, for any reason

• Only getting one chance at completing the challenge

Kirsch recognizes that there is a slim-to-none chance that Offit takes him up on the challenge, even though rejecting it would absolutely make Offit look like the charlatan that many already recognize him as being.

"Dr. Offit has absolutely nothing to worry about in accepting my offer," Kirsch writes about the challenge.

"All of these vaccines are perfectly safe and effective, otherwise Offit himself would be speaking out. Plus, the CDC and FDA assure us that all these vaccines are safe. And if you can't trust the CDC and FDA, who can you trust?" 

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