Democrats BULLYING Target over removal of children’s Pride wear, telling retailer to keep on grooming kids and promoting pedophilia

The attorneys general of 15 states have sent a threatening letter to Target expressing outrage over the retailer's decision to pull certain LGBTQ+ "Pride-themed" clothing items from some of its stores.

The AGs of Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington state are accusing Target of "succumbing to bullying" with the move, while also calling boycotters "hateful and disruptive."

According to Target, the reason it decided to pull the Pride apparel for kids from stores is not because its executive leadership suddenly grew a conscience, but rather because some customers were allegedly threatening employees over the displays.

The AGs did not indicate in their letter why they decided to send it in the first place as there are no allegations of legal wrongdoing, which is the strict purview of an attorney general's duties.

"Target's decision to remove certain Pride merchandise in response to hateful backlash is wrong," declared Attorney General Letitia James of New York, veering well outside of her jurisdiction concerning the matter.

Why are Democrats so hellbent on turning America's children into LGBT Pride symbols?

In the letter to Target CEO Brian Cornell, James and the other 14 AGs complained that taking away "tuck-friendly" bathing suits and Satan-themed onesies for babies constitutes a major setback for the "march on social progress."

"While we understand the basis for this action, we are also concerned it sends a message that those who engage in hateful and disruptive conduct can cause even large corporations to succumb to their bullying, and that they have the power to determine when LGBTQIA+ consumers will feel comfortable in Target stores – or anywhere in society," they wrote in the letter.

The letter goes on to accuse Target of "betraying the LGBTQ+ community" by moving some of the Satanic LGBTQ+ children's clothing to the back of the store rather than featuring it on large displays right at the entrance, which is where they were previously placed.

The boycott against Target has been so massive that the company's stock was downgraded by JPMorgan Chase. On June 5, KeyBanc Capital Markets also reduced the retailer's shares from "overweight" to "sector weight" due to the resumption of student loan payments.

"I cannot state enough how important is for people to choose not to shop at Target," stated conservative commentator Candace Owens about the matter back in May. "There has never been a company that has been more pro-transgenderism than Target."

While the boycott against Target has had a similar impact as the one against Bud Light, which infamously promoted LGBTQ+ "influencer" Dylan Mulvaney, a male pretending to be a female, it might not last simply because people need to shop and there are very few alternatives in corporate-controlled America.

"What really came to bite Bud Light is that wasn't a hard boycott," said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) in a recent episode of his podcast. "It's difficult for nobody on planet Earth if you were going to order a Bud Light to say, 'I'll have a Coors Light.' That's a very simple substitution."

"Target? We'll see how prolonged and easy a substitution it is. There's Walmart. You know, there are alternatives. I will say Targets are located in a lot of areas and very convenient for a lot of shoppers. So we'll see if this becomes a persistent consequence or not. Conservatives have typically been not very good at boycotts." 

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