CRABBY BLOOD CLOTS: Dirty vaccine industry now recklessly endangering horseshoe crab species

As if dirty vaccines don't do enough damage to the human race, now the manufacturing of them is depleting the horseshoe crab population to use their bright blue blood for capturing bacteria in blood clots.

That's right, the pharmaceutical industry couldn't care less about the environment, as they flog the horseshoe crab species for their bright blue blood, even though there are plenty of other alternatives they could use for detecting bacterial toxins, including synthetic alternatives. US regulators simply do not care, even though vaccines do NOT perform as promised by the CDC, especially when talking about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) jabs.

Horseshoe crab blood contains limulus amebocyte lysate used in dirty vaccines and other injected "medicines" to detect toxins

It's not enough that the pharmaceutical industry uses venom (peptides) from deadly snakes, frogs, and other animals in medications and vaccines to help cause horrific side effects, neurological damage, immune system complications, and possibly COVID  itself, but now they are flogging other animals to get what they prefer to use to make more dirty medicine that causes more health catastrophes than they solve or prevent. What an ongoing nightmare of pandemic proportions.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature already listed horseshoe crabs as vulnerable to extinction 7 years ago, so why is the highly corrupt vaccine industry allowed to kill off this species for vaccines that don't even work? If the jab industry could prove that their vaccines actually help humanity, by showing positive results from legitimate clinical trials, maybe we could have a discussion about the risk versus reward, but until then, these dirty medicine hucksters and charlatans need to be reined in.

It's just like the mercury the CDC STILL uses in vaccines, but lies and says that they don't. It's not necessary. There are other safe preservatives they could use, but instead, they would rather lie and keep it in the multi-dose flu vaccines that they know over 100 million Americans still get every year. The CDC lists mercury as "thimerosal" to be sneaky, but that's at least 50 percent mercury by volume. The same goes for this crab blood. They have other options, but they simply don't care about humanity or animals or nature at all. It's all about profits and depopulation.

When the horseshoe crabs come to the U.S. shores to spawn, the vaccine industry pays fishermen to catch them all with dredging nets, which are NOT subject to any regulations whatsoever. The laboratories that pay for this atrocity claim the crabs all survive when dropped back in the ocean after half their blood is drawn, but this sounds like a conspiracy theory. That much loss of blood for any animal is a death sentence. Surely those crabs have trouble following the tides and continuing to thrive. Plus, these crabs never make it to the shore to lay their eggs, and this ruins the ecosystem, habitats, and the food chain for a wide range of marine life, including migratory birds.

Horseshoe crabs are actually one of the "keystone" species – the most ancient species on planet Earth. Other species depend on their nutrient-rich eggs for survival, but the dirty vaccine industry couldn't care less. In just the last 25 years, the harvesting of crabs for bait and lab testing has crashed the population by over 60 percent along the Atlantic coast, methodically disappearing other species along with it, including birds and fish. Thanks to the corrupt vaccine and medical industries of the US, the horseshoe crabs are treated as if they have zero value. It's just not right. 

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from )

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