AMA now says body mass index (BMI) is RACIST – are they calling non-white people fat?

It is no longer acceptable to use the body mass index (BMI) as a gauge for determining fatness because the American Medical Association (AMA) has decided that the measuring system is "racist."

According to the AMA, which recently issued a press release about this "important" matter, the BMI is too simple in that it uses height and weight as the basic metric for determining whether or not a person is overweight or obese. Some races and ethnicities have endured "historical harm" based on this metric, so now it must be scrapped.

The AMA contends that the BMI has been used throughout history for "racist exclusion." Its cutoffs are also "based on data collected from previous generations of non-Hispanic white populations," failing to "consider a person's gender or ethnicity."

In other words, the BMI was created back in slimmer times when the country was mostly white and much healthier than it is today with the constant influx of foreigners, meaning it is no longer valid because "minorities" finds its determinations to be offensive.

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Non-whites in America are shorter and fatter than whites, AMA insinuates

The AMA Council on Science and Public Health issued a report about all this that includes an evaluation of the "problematic history" of BMI – problematic being a newfangled term primarily used by leftists to discard established norms that they find upsetting.

The report outlines what it sees as the "harms and benefits of using BMI," particularly in the age of "body positivity" where a growing contingent of overweight and obese Americans is pushing to recategorize fatness as "healthy" and "normal" so they can feel better about their morbidly oversized frames.

The AMA ultimately determined from the report that the BMI is an "imperfect way to measure body fat in multiple groups given that it does not account for differences across race / ethnic groups, sexes, genders, and age-span."

Then there is the problem of transgenderism where males are pretending to be females, and vice versa, which screws up the BMI metrics even more. Rather than simply explain that transgenderism is incongruent with biology and tell its adherents to suck it up, the AMA is instead reinventing the wheel to accommodate every form of mental illness that emerges from day to day in the United States of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The AMA declared that it "recognizes issues with using BMI as a measurement due to its historical harm, its use for racist exclusion, and because BMI is based primarily on data collected from previous generations of non-Hispanic white populations."

The AMA further said that the BMI is "significantly correlated with the amount of fat mass in the general population but loses predictability when applied on the individual level," adding that it should be "used in conjunction with other valid measures of risk such as, but not limited to, measurements of visceral fat, body adiposity index, body composition, relative fat mass, waist circumference and genetic / metabolic factors."

Perhaps the funniest part of the AMA's conclusion is the whitewashed way it tried to say that non-white races are basically shorter and fatter as a whole compared to white populations, especially those of America's past. Here is what the organization said to that end:

"The AMA also recognizes that relative body shape and composition differences across race / ethnic groups, sexes, genders, and age-span is essential to consider when applying BMI as a measure of adiposity and that BMI should not be used as a sole criterion to deny appropriate insurance reimbursement." 

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