EIGHT key body systems are under PERPETUAL ATTACK by Big Food and Big Pharma

For most Americans who eat conventional foods and processed “junk science” food stuff day in and day out, their body and brain is under perpetual attack from all angles.

Those same consumers develop symptoms of “bad food disease” (BFD) and they begin suppressing those signs with over-the-counter medications, which is about as smart as cutting the wire to the “check engine” light on an automobile and thinking that might fix the problem.

After a few days or weeks of covering up all the symptoms of BFD, these same folks head off to their allopathic doctor, who has ZERO college education or training in nutrition, who says all the problems are genetic and then prescribes pharmaceutical medications that further cover up symptoms, but lead to more serious health issues that can completely cripple vital body systems.

Nearly every prescription medication and vaccine features horrific side effects that doctors never mention

It seems crazy that over two hundred million Americans bang their heads against the same walls day in and day out, their whole lives. Some will finally become so overwhelmed and sick and tired of being sick and tired that they consult with some natural health advocate or naturopathic physician to find “another way.” Oddly enough, many of those will still continue down the deep, dark spiral of health decline via cut-and-burn surgery, symptom-cover-up pills, and the “genetics” excuse.

Much of the time, the side effects and adverse events caused by the medications and vaccines are literally WORSE than the condition being treated or attempted to prevent, but the patients are living in such a fog from the fluoridated water, mercury in flu shots, and pesticides in conventional foods, that they can’t distinguish and negotiate the common sense choices.

It’s a sad state of affairs that most people live every day with their key body systems under siege by Big Food and Big Pharma. Their health is compromised and struggling just to maintain on a regular basis. Their cleansing organs are constantly polluted. They suffer chronic inflammation and constipation. Their good gut bacteria is regularly destroyed by antibiotics, GMOs and vaccines. Their blood is clogged with millions of spike protein prions. Their immune system is thoroughly confused by the Fauci Flu jabs. Are you one of these folks? It’s time for a huge lifestyle change. Seek natural remedies, organic and local food, and avoid the toxic jabs at all costs.

Here are your body systems that are under perpetual attack by Big Food and Big Pharma

#1. Neurotoxins and carcinogens in vaccines, including Covid jabs, cause CNS disorders, immune system weakening, organ malfunctioning, cancer, and cognitive issues.

#2. Pesticides in nearly all conventional foods cause allergies, asthma, CNS disorders, cognition deficiencies, IBS, and cancer.

#3. Conventional gluten, often contaminated with chemical-based conditioners and bleach (when it’s white bread or white pasta), leads to constipation, chronic inflammation, and colon cancer.

#4. Your cognitive functions, including critical thinking, learning, and memory, are all affected by toxic food oils like canola, corn, and soy (they contain pesticides and can cause plaque to develop in the brain).

#5. Processed sugar (think soda), HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), and artificial sweeteners (aspartame and sucralose) cause mutation of cells (cancer), irritable bowels (IBS), and can damage healthy flora in the gut, affecting your immune system functions.

#6. Spike proteins from the Covid clot shots can clog the blood and cleansing organs, causing major stress on the heart, liver, kidneys, and even the brain. Spike protein prions can also cause immune system malfunction as the body is signaled to attack these virus-mimicking pathogens, wherever they end up (everywhere).

#7. Fluoride in tap water and dioxins in soil are prominent in America and can cause cancer, immune system malfunctions, and destruction of good gut bacteria.

#8. GMOs dominate over 80 percent of all conventional produce, including soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, sugar beets, and more. These genetically mutated versions of produce can affect the digestive system, the cognitive system, and cell reproduction system, leading to cancer and dementia.

(Article by S.D. Wells republished from Citizens.news )

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