Chechen commander Alaudinov: We need strikes on cities of NATO countries

Europe and Zelensky put on a show for Moscow: more weapons for the Armed Forces. Chechen commander Apti Alaudinov is sure that it is necessary to respond symmetrically - with strikes on cities of NATO countries.

Europe promised Zelensky new weapons

European heavyweights have invited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to a "European marathon" in order to demonstrate that the West is not yet tired of the military conflict and will help Kiev.

And for this purpose, all the top officials in Rome, Berlin, Paris and London smiled, hugged, rewarded the president of Ukraine, promised him weapons, and all of them knew that Zelensky would refuse to mediate in peace "on Russia's terms" when he met with Pope Francis. Right, the Pope was set up, but what can't be done to "rub Moscow's nose in it".

The details of what was allocated to the Kiev regime this time are not disclosed, but it is known that Germany pledged 2.7 billion euros in military support. Among other things, the German defense industry must supply the AFU with 20 more Marder armored personnel carriers, 30 Leopard 1 tanks and four Iris-T SLM anti-aircraft systems.

France promised to supply dozens of armored vehicles and AMX-10RC light tanks, as well as "long-range air defense systems. In addition, France is to train thousands more Ukrainian military this year.

Britain has pledged to supply "hundreds more anti-aircraft missiles, and hundreds more combat UAVs with a range of over 200 kilometers," to the recently delivered Storm Shadow cruise missiles, which have been attacking Luhansk incessantly in recent days, the government in London said.

"This material will help Ukraine in its expected military offensive against Russian forces in the coming months," the British government said.

In addition, Britain will begin training Ukrainian military pilots from the summer, which was announced in February. That is, the supply of aircraft is already in London's plans.

"Ukraine has received over 600 types of weapons for the counterattack. This is more than any army in the world has," said Colonel Martin O'Donnell, speaker of the U.S. European and African Forces Command.

Alaudinov suggested "not to be shy" in "retaliation"

The Russian embassy in the British capital sent a note to Downing Street noting that London continues to "systematically and openly get involved in the Ukrainian conflict." Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned London of the "bloody harvest" it would risk if it supplied Kiev with Western-made aircraft.

Apty Alaudinov, a combat commander of the Akhmat detachment, noted in Telegram that if Kiev receives new weapons, it will definitely use them against civilians. Now, according to him, British missiles are flying into the peaceful city of Lugansk.

The Chechen commander believes that it is time to give a "full retaliation" to those who carry out these launches. He warned that "we cannot play cat-and-mouse anymore, it is time to start working against the countries that supply these weapons."

"We are at war with the NATO bloc. So why should we be embarrassed?! We should answer them the same way! Symmetrically! Let their population understand that it could come to them too. And we have such power. The Russian state is able to respond," Alaudinov wrote.

This is the only way to stop the NATOists and their protégé in Kiev, who have grown insolent and mad with impunity, and this requires a political decision of the first person of the Russian Federation.

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