WEF Orders Governments To Start Limiting Food To Fight Climate Change

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum has been laying groundwork to begin starving the people it considers useless and has now ordered governments in the West to begin attacking the food supply.

The World Economic Forum said jump and corrupt infiltrated governments said how high.

New York Mayor Eric Adams is the first to announce the master plan, justifying his administration’s plans to restrict the food supply for New Yorkers, declaring that 20% of New York’s greenhouse gas emissions are tied to food.

Mayor Adams promised to take a bite out of New York City’s greenhouse footprint Monday by reducing carbon output when it comes to emissions caused by the production and consumption of food — especially meat.

New data released by the city shows that 20% of the Big Apple’s greenhouse gas emissions are tied to food — the third largest source behind buildings, which contribute 34% of emissions in the city, and transportation, which causes 22%.

Mayor Adams eats a plant-based diet and he has announced his goal is to reduce food-related emissions produced by city government by 33% within seven years time, and to accomplish that he and city officials are going to restrict how much meat citizens can eat. 

He’s not wrong about people not being ready to have this conversation. This is fascist, dystopian stuff, straight out of science fiction movies from previous times. It’s straight up unAmerican and he needs to realize that we won’t stand for it.

The comments under the video uploaded to YouTube by his team provide some hope. The response has been overwhelmingly negative.

One user pointed out that Mayor Adams looks and sounds exactly like a villain in an early 2000s dystopian movie.

Freddy Blassie got straight to the point and asked how much Adams is getting paid by the WEF.

And another user said that if Adams is a prime example of veganism, then you can sign him up as an extreme carnivore. “He’s literally trying to reduce the city’s population by 33% through starvation.”

Other users expressed surprise that New Yorkers, famous for being tough and no nonsense, would fall for such a pathetic play by the globalist elite. The fact is New Yorkers were broken by the Covid pandemic, they accepted all of the restrictions imposed on them by the elite, and now they are ready to accept even more restrictions in the name of climate change, including social credit scores designed to control every part of their lives.

The elite have been setting their sights on beef for years. Now we have reached the point where they openly admit their agenda. We have been warning our audience for years that this day was coming.

So what is the next phase of their agenda?

Bill Gates’ synthetic meat products are being positioned as the substitute for beef once it is banned by tyrants like Mayor Adams.

There are a few problems with this scenario. Bill Gates’ fake meat tastes nothing like real meat. And second, it causes cancer in humans, unlike real beef, which is among the healthiest and most nutrient dense food on the planet.

We have made a whole video about the disastrous health consequences of Bill Gates’ fake meat.

How are the elite going to enforce their agenda? They are enlisting the help of financial giants including American Express and globalist organizations including the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group to track and monitor everything that we purchase.

It’s no surprise that Mayor Adams is working with London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan who is well known to have sold his soul to the globalists many years ago.

But it gets even worse. Mayor Adams uses himself as an example of why you should stop eating meat.

The man can hardly manage to stumble over the notes his handlers have prepared for him and he is expecting us to consider him a prime example of what a vegan diet can do for the body and mind?

Later in the press conference, they say the quiet part out loud and admit they are being controlled by the World Economic Forum. Watch as they admit the role played in their new agenda by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, which just so happens to be a WEF group.

Why is the mayor of a major American city taking orders from Davos?

The elite have become so arrogant they aren’t even trying to disguise their agenda or cover their tracks anymore.

Now that the elite have convinced the climate change cult that eating meat is killing the planet and you must “eat ze bugs” and Bill Gates’ fake meat instead, the same people have a new target – rice.

The Food and Agriculture Organization notes that “Rice is one of the most important staple foods in the world. Over 50 percent of the world population depends on rice for about 80 percent of its food requirements. About 95 percent of the global output of rice is produced and consumed in developing countries.”

What is this really about?

Comments under the video revealed that most ordinary people are not onboard with the elite agenda.

Johnny Rotten’s American Cousin said that banning rice would kill tens of millions of innocent people.

Real Alex Lucio declared the elite’s agenda to ban foods like rice to be “sinister.” Are they trying to trigger a global famine? We need to start recognizing the voices pushing this agenda so we can push back on this nonsense, he said, adding the World Economic Forum and 2030 Agenda as hashtags.

At a time when inflation has gone double-digit, food production plants are burning down, the supply chain is in crisis, and food shortages are on the horizon, we now understand that the elites are making moves behind the scenes to starve huge numbers of the people they consider to be “useless eaters.”

In recent years, the elites at the WEF have been obsessed with promoting the concept of depopulating the world. They have told us everything we need to know to completely understand their agenda. These policies are part of their grand plan to degrade the human race before committing mass genocide.

This power-hungry cabal of billionaires and politicians has long plotted to enslave the masses, and now they are making their move.

But the future doesn’t belong to them.

But thanks to people who refuse to succumb to their brainwashing, people like you, the global elite are finding it much harder than they thought.


(Article by Niamh Harris republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv)

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