Needed: A 'Made In The USA' Policy Plus Energy Independence To Counter Inflation & The Rising National Debt

Authored by Lawrence Kadish via The Gatestone Institute,

Sad but true, history is now all but a forgotten subject in our schools.

But economic history?

With luck, you may find the topic in some esoteric book written by a professor and hidden on some dusty library shelf.

Yet it is there, within those pages, that you will find the history of nations who harnessed the power of a balanced budget and assumed global dominance.

Of equal importance will be the parallel lesson of those that failed to appreciate that the most sophisticated military in the world can win a war only to come home to a nation that will eventually fall because of a mismanaged economy.

Without an appreciation of that history a nation's leaders can easily pursue a disastrous course of pork spending that can destroy the promise of the future.

Which is why Americans should be deeply concerned about this Administration and its reign of spending and resultant increased debt, that will be burdening us, and future citizens, far into the future.

That kind of debt is a silent nation-killer.

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