Vermont School District To Remove Terms "Male" And "Female" From Sex Ed Curriculum

When did it become acceptable for publicly funded schools to teach baseless ideology instead of biological facts?  Gender identity concepts are becoming pervasive within the American educational system without any input from parents, and in some cases even state officials are unaware of the changes to curriculum until they are already implemented. 

It takes a vast coordinated effort among teachers unions and district leaders in order to sneak a subversive political belief system into the wider educational language of most public institutions.  Only recently are parents and representatives starting to observe the behavior of educators and intervene when they step out of line.  The injection of gender fluid terminology happened at a blitzkrieg pace, and the public is racing to catch up.

A recent example of this has been discovered in Vermont, where the Essex Westford school district has been criticized for attempting to re-engineer sex education for students into an exercise in gender politics and equity cultism.

5th grade children will be taught about puberty and human reproduction, but words like "boy," "girl," and "male and female" will be removed from the curriculum language.  Instead, classes will use terms like "person who produces sperm" and "person who produces eggs."  The following memo from the Essex Westford district to parents outlines the new mandates:

The original page on the school district website appears to have been removed.  Essex Westford has been caught in the past using embedded leftist messaging within otherwise standard lessons.  For example, last year the same district received complaints from parents over a study program on the US Constitution which was somehow twisted into a discussion on "trans youth issues" and included scenarios in which characters applauded the greatness of communism.   

A key principle of identity politics is not just to undermine historical perspective, but to undermine common language. The strategy is to deconstruct the definitions of words and to introduce new words with loaded and open ended interpretations.  This is the way in which Marxist movements traditionally try to manipulate public discussion - By controlling the way in which we talk about the problems in front of us so they can dictate our conclusions. 

If biological rules no longer apply to identity, then identity becomes arbitrary and "relative."  Leftist activists often use the phrase "my truth" or "our truth" to argue a particular issue, instead of saying "the truth."  This is quite deliberate.  The goal is to implant the notion that there is no objective truth and that all issues are subject to pure subjective interpretation.  If facts and evidence don't matter, then lies become the most powerful tool for enacting change in society.  This is the very basis of the trans movement and identity politics. 

Children are being indoctrinated to deny biological reality, and it's happening right now in school districts across the nation.

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