"Attack On Canadian Economy:" Vancouver Grain Export Terminal Hit With Strike

A labor action by Canadian public sector workers threatens grain exports at a key terminal in Vancouver. The Wheat Growers Association calls the strike "an attack" on the Canadian economy and calls for "immediate action." 

According to a news release by Wheat Growers, "striking federal workers had intentionally targeted" the Cascadia Terminal in Vancouver, which indicates grain exports can't be exported, and farmers don't get paid if the grain isn't sold. 

 "A strike is one thing, but to intentionally target a port that is critical to the lives of grain farmers and to the entire Canadian economy is the height of reckless irresponsibility," Wheat Growers president, Gunter Jochum, said about the labor action.

Jochum continued, "It's time for the federal government to intervene. The Wheat Growers are calling on the federal government to immediately amend the Canada Grain Act to authorize third-party weighing and inspection of vessels leaving Canadian waters. Let's get the grain moving and protect our sector."

The strike could exacerbate the strain on global grain supplies, which the conflict in Ukraine has already impacted. 

Global News said the strike at Cascadia Terminal involved at least 100 workers belonging to the Public Service Alliance of Canada. 

"How long will be (at the terminal)? We'll be there for as long as we need to be, or we won't. I think our tactics are going to be changing every day," said Jamey Mills, PSAC's regional executive director.  

Last week Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan and Keystone Agricultural Producers of Manitoba warned the labor action might disrupt shipments and sourcing of temporary workers into Canada ahead of the planting season. 

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