Some US meat products have been tainted with mRNA vaccines for YEARS, warns Dr. Mercola

New reports show that certain meat products have been tainted with mRNA vaccinations for years, and there are plans to expand which meat products are injected with mRNA vaccines.

Research by Dr. Joseph Mercola shows that American pork producers have been using customizable mRNA-based vaccines on their herds since 2018.

“[Pork] is one of the most popular meats worldwide outside of the Middle East and places like that … and they’re already putting [mRNA] in the food supply,” warned Josh Sigurdson of “World Alternative Media.”

“There’s evidence that there is already mRNA technology being found in meat at grocery stores,” he added. “Big Ag has already kickstarted the plan by injecting pigs … with mRNA gene therapy.”

What Mercola’s report means is that Americans have likely eaten pork products treated with gene therapy mRNA vaccines for nearly five years already.

The report added that it is impossible to determine how many pork producers have injected their herds with mRNA vaccines. Furthermore, it can also be safely assumed that so-called organic pork products could also be tainted as organic standards do not have any rules on the use of vaccines, let alone mRNA-based vaccines.

“It seems reasonable to assume nearly all large-scale swine producers have made this transition,” wrote Mercola. He further warned that more and more meat products in the United States are likely to be treated with mRNA vaccinations.

mRNA vaccines may soon contaminate beef and poultry supplies

Mercola’s warning has been confirmed by multiple sources, including Ohio-based lawyer Thomas Renz, who warned that Big Pharma companies like Merck and Moderna are planning to expand access to these unregulated experimental technologies to the entire food supply to mass vaccinate the American population.

“We know that [Big Pharma] can actually make what’s called ‘transmissible mRNA.’ And what that means is that they can put this stuff in an animal so that it transmits to whoever is ingesting whatever it is that they’re ingesting and they become vaccinated,” said Renz. “So they could engineer this into plants, into animals, into various things.”

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association denied that it has allowed mRNA vaccinations for beef in the United States.

“There are no current mRNA vaccines licensed for use in beef cattle in the United States,” said the association in a statement. However, one lobbyist for the association said specific herds have already been “double vaccinated” with mRNA vaccines against bovine respiratory disease.

Furthermore, the company Harrisvaccines – later acquired by Merck subsidiary Merck Animal Health – already developed an mRNA vaccine for avian influenza in 2015, licensed in the same year for use with poultry. Newer mRNA-lipid nanoparticle shots for avian influenza are also in the works.

Renz warned in an interview that certain Big Pharma companies, in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health (NIH), may have been pursuing infecting the food supply with mRNA vaccines for over 20 years.

“I’ve got documents from the NIH – from 2002 – talking about integrating vaccines into foods,” said Renz. “They’ve been working on integrating these into our food supply. They’ve been working on it for at least two decades.”

Renz noted that one way consumers can avoid accidentally eating mRNA products is through food product labeling requirements. One state – Missouri – currently has a bill going through its state legislature mandating such disclosures.

“If we don’t get disclosure, if we don’t pass some informed consent laws, what’s going to happen is, for all you guys that stood strong and said no to these mRNA vaccines, well you’re going to get them anyways through your food,” said Renz.

Watch this episode of “World Alternative Media” as host Josh Sigurdson discusses the evidence proving the meat supply has already been tainted with mRNA.

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