Hillary Clinton Roasted After Defending Disney

Hillary Clinton was ridiculed this week after defending Disney
on Twitter.

The twice failed presidential candidate was trying to troll Republicans, in particlular Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, over their row with Disney by posting an old photo of herself and her family posing with Donald Duck.

“As Republicans declare war on Disney, I know whose side I’m on…” she tweeted.

Breitbart reports: Social media users quickly took to the comment section to roast the former First Lady for her amusing attempt at trolling the GOP, with many mentioning former President Bill Clinton’s visits to the island that belonged to disgraced late financier Jeffrey Epstein. Flight logs indicate Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet at least 26 times.

“Bill used to have to go to Disney before Epstein Island opened,” one Twitter user commented.

“Think of all the Disney movies you could watch in 13 hours!” another said.

The Twitter user was referring to a film about the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya in 2012, when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration were derelict in their duty to protect American diplomats, the U.S. House Select Committee on Benghazi suggested in 2016.

“Donald Duck looks scared to death,” another Twitter user reacted.

“Dafuq is this??” one asked, while another tweeted, “Who wants to tell her?”

“You’re always on the side of perverts,” another said.

“Groomers gonna groom,” another commented.

“The fact that you posted this picture unironically says everything about you,” another wrote.

“Just say it. You’re on the side of pedophiles. Because you’re a soulless Satanist scumbag,” another Twitter user declared.

“Oh look 2 people on Epstein’s client list,” another Twitter user stated.

“Is that because it’s the only theme park that lets Bill in?” the Twitter account for the DeSantis War Room commented.

“One the prime lessons of being Gen X was that abasing yourself for corporations (or politicians for that matter) is a sucker’s game. This is pretty humiliating, regardless of your personal politics,” RealClearInvestigations senior writer Mark Hemingway reacted.

As Breitbart News reported, Clinton’s tweet erroneously states Republicans declared war on Disney when in fact it was Disney that threw the first punch last year when it caved to a small group of radical-left employees who demanded the company publicly condemn Florida’s anti-grooming legislation, the Parental Rights in Education law.

The Walt Disney Co. then promised to fight the anti-grooming legislation, even after it was passed, calling it a “challenge to basic human rights.”

(Article by Niamh Harris republished from ThePeoplesVoice.tv)

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