How to revive expired and old seeds so that they will definitely sprout

How to revive expired and old seeds so that they will definitely sprout

Don't rush to throw out expired seeds - they can be sprouted.

The planting season has started and many gardeners are sorting out their old seed stocks. Among these, you may find seeds that have expired, been stored in the wrong conditions, or have been lying around for years. Do not throw such seeds away. They can be reanimated, even if they do not germinate one hundred percent.

Which seeds can be brought back to life?

Not all seeds can be given a second life. To find out which seeds can be revived and which can be discarded, we use calibration.

To do this, dissolve 5 grams of salt in 100 ml of water. Pour the seeds into this solution. Those seeds that remain afloat are suitable for germination. And those that drowned will definitely not germinate.

Any seeds - vegetable, flower and berry - may be tested in this way.

What you need to do before reviving seeds

Soak your plants in water or melted water for 2-3 hours before reviving expired seeds. This will protect them from chemical burns from the revitalizing agents.

How to revive seeds with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide oxygenates the seeds and helps them "wake up" faster. Seeds are revived in a weak solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide dissolved in water at a ratio of 1:9.

Seeds are left in such a solution for 3 hours to 2 days. The older the age of the seeds, the more time they need to awaken. Then spread the wet seeds on a cloth and moisten with plain clean water. Store the seeds in the light until sown.

How to revive seeds with aloe juice

Aloe juice is another life-giving substance that is good for seeds. It is a natural growth stimulant. Place the seeds in a solution of aloe juice and water in equal parts for 6-8 hours. Then lightly dry and sow in the soil. There is no need to rinse the seeds from the juice.

How to revive old seeds with temperature changes

Old seeds that have been stored for many years can be "awakened" by temperature shaking. However, this method will not work if the seeds have been stored in the wrong conditions.

To do this, take two containers. Fill one with hot water, the other with cold water. Tie the seeds in a bag of cloth. Dip the seeds alternately first in hot water, then in cold water for 5-6 seconds. You need to make a total of at least 6 dips in both containers.

Then dry the seeds on a cloth or tissue, and plant them in the soil.

How to revive stale seeds with growth stimulants

Revive stale seeds with a growth stimulant. These products can be purchased at growers' stores or on the market. Dilute the product according to the instructions - usually 2 g of the substance dissolve in 1 liter of water. Soak the seeds for 3 hours, dry them on a cloth and plant immediately.

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