Famed Leftist Attorney Finds a Way to Deal with Young Unhinged Marxist Law Students Who Disrupted Federal Judge After He Was Invited to Speak at Stanford

Famed Leftist Attorney Finds a Way to Deal with Young Unhinged Marxist Law Students Who Disrupted Federal Judge After He Was Invited to Speak at Stanford

In early March, Stanford University law students invited US Fifth Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan to speak at the university. It was a setup. When Judge Duncan arrived the young Marxists screamed at the federal judge, harassed him, shut down his speech, and threatened his children.

School officials allowed law students to berate and shout down a federal judge who was invited to speak at the university.

Students made it impossible for him to speak and he had to be escorted by Federal Marshals from the building.

Judge Duncan later told The Free Beacon, “If enough of these kids get into the legal profession, the rule of law will descend into barbarism.”

Judge Duncan said protesters behaved like “dog shit.”

Now a famed leftist attorney is threatening to go after the unruly law students.

John Banzhaf, the infamous leftist attorney who went after Nixon and Trump says he will file a bar complaint against the Stanford students who shut down US District Court Judge Kyle Duncan during a campus speech. Banshaf’s plans will delay the disruptor’s bar exam and would put a blemish on their career.

Banzhaf, a committed leftist, wants the students in the video identified so that he can be dealt with.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Banzhaf told Stanford earlier this month that he will file a character and fitness complaint against the students with the California state bar.

“It appears that you have not taken any steps to discipline or otherwise sanction the student violators,” Banzhaf said in a letter to Jenny Martinez, the law school’s dean, who has since ruled out punishing the hecklers. As such, the complaint “will have links to video recordings of the disruption so that bar officials can judge the students’ conduct for themselves.”

The California bar requires applicants to demonstrate “respect for the rights of others and for the judicial process.” That means the students who disrupted Duncan—in part by telling him “we hope your daughters get raped”—could be in for a rude awakening if Banzhaf makes good on his threat.

This incident “seriously calls into question whether these students have proper temperament to practice law,” Banzhaf told the Washington Free Beacon. “It is completely unacceptable to shout down any speaker—much less a federal judge—and then face no consequences.”

Such statements have made Banzhaf the strange bedfellow of Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas), who this month urged the Texas bar to “take particular care” with graduates of Stanford Law School. The horseshoe suggests that outrage about Duncan’s treatment crosses partisan divides—and offers a blueprint to fill the disciplinary void left by other elite law schools, which have refused to punish blatant violations of their free speech policies.

Anyone can file a bar complaint, including across state lines. And, Banzhaf says, the complaints needn’t derail anyone’s career in order to be effective: Even the threat of an investigation—or a delayed and stressful bar application—could deter would-be disruptors, sending the message that actions have consequences.

Martinez said last week that it would be unfair to punish the students because they received “conflicting signals” from Tirien Steinbach, the law school diversity official who confronted Duncan and praised the protesters. Banzhaf isn’t convinced: Stanford’s rules against disruption are “very clear,” he wrote in a press release, and “should not require student memorization or interpretation.”

Martinez’s argument for amnesty, he added, “would have earned a low grade if submitted by a law student.”

Stanford did not respond to a request for comment..

By Jim Hoft

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