Disturbing Proof They’re Quietly Deleting the Internet (As We Know It)

This is not the first time someone presents this evidence. The three part documentary from 2021 The Dead Internet Theory by the All Time channel (which a Renegade commenter recommended to me a few weeks ago) explains the whole thing in a very similar way (check Part 2 of said documentary), which means this issue has been happening for quite some time now. This is not a new thing.

The prognosis is that we are going to need an alternative to the current Internet at some point in time. How is that even conceivable? I do not know, I am not “Sir Tim Berners-Lee” but I’m sure as hell we are going to need such a solution in the coming months/years if things continue going downhill (i.e. if these WEF scoundrels get their way with their censorship).

It has become a tad difficult to do research anymore for all I can see. Many things that I read once (or basically took for granted) have been shadowbanned -not to say terminated- from search engines. As I said in another article sites like Wayback Machine are not so effective after all. I have been searching for information in such places every now and again and the whole thing is just like a hit or miss situation, it just isn’t good enough. The results many times are way too unsatisfying.

There is plenty of old information, which was available on the Internet years ago, which is completely GONE FOREVER, vanished. If you want to go “mainstream” enough just think of Myspace. For all of us “old dogs” the days of the Internet “Wild West” have been over for quite a while, there is no way to deny it. Thanks jews.

And yes, I know the guy in the video is using google as main search engine. It does not change anything (both agree on that point). I have been trying many-many different search engines myself lately and ALL of them give the same exact results, just check it out for yourselves if you have the time.

All in all, like this video or not, I think this is an important issue.

Disturbing Proof They’re Quietly Deleting the Internet (Aug 12, 2022) by Bright Insight

(Article by Robert Heimdal republished from RenegadeTribune.com)

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