The expert told how to store tea at home and where not to put it

The expert told how to store tea at home and where not to put it

How to make it stay fragrant at home longer?

Tea is at the top of the list of favorite drinks. Both adults and children drink it to quench their thirst during the warm season or to keep them warm during the sweltering winter. How do you make sure it stays aromatic at home longer?

On the proper storage of tea at home told nutrition expert Natalia Mazurik in Telegram.

How to properly store tea at home?

The main rule is to store tea in a dry place. The fact that the leaves are very absorbent of moisture. Because of this, they can lose their aroma and flavor.

The place for the tea should be cool. The higher the temperature, the faster the tea will oxidize and lose its flavor.

Do not put tea where you store foods with strong odors, this drink is very good at absorbing flavors.

Store tea in a closed, airtight container. This will keep it away from humidity, odors, light and oxygen, which is also protection from oxidation. It is important to put the tea where there is no access to sunlight. This also promotes oxidation of the product.

Interestingly, you can also store tea in the refrigerator. In this case, use vacuum bags.

How long can I store leaf tea?

Green tea stays fresh for six months. If stored in the fridge, it can last up to a year. Light oolong tea lasts about a year, while dark oolong lasts up to two years.

Black tea can also be kept for up to two years, and then loses its flavor.

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