Mercury retrograde in April 2023 will bring problems to these Zodiac signs

Mercury retrograde in April 2023 will bring problems to these Zodiac signs

They should be prepared for anything.

In April 2023, Mercury retrograde begins April 21 and will last until May 14. We tell you how this phenomenon will affect all people, and which Zodiac signs should be prepared for problems during this period.

How Mercury retrograde affects people

Mercury retrograde is an astrological phenomenon in which the planet Mercury moves in the opposite direction to the Earth. It can cause some astrological effects.

It is believed that Mercury Retrograde can affect communication, travel, technical devices, contracts, and more. Astrologer Angela Pearl said in her blog that Mercury Retrograde is a period of time with the prefix "over," when you have to redo something because it doesn't work the first time.

Between April 21 and May 14, 2023, people may feel more irritable and restless and face delays and problems when communicating, traveling or making business deals.


Cancers during the Mercury retrograde phase may experience problems with computers, phones, electronics and other devices. These problems can cause delays and changes in plans.

There's also a chance that some much-needed device will break, and you'll have to spend a lot of money either to repair it or buy a new one.


Planned travel or trips may become more complicated and require additional time and effort. During this period, Libras may make a mistake in some paperwork or transport tickets, miss their flight, or mix up the days of the trip.


Pisces will have health problems. The stars say they won't be as serious as they may seem at first glance, but the difficulties will make you nervous or even cry.

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