Comedian JP Sears shares how the world’s evils have brought him closer to Christianity

Comedian JP Sears shares how the world’s evils have brought him closer to Christianity

'Evil isn't hiding any more,' says JP Sears. 'It's coming at us through authoritarianism, movements, people, groups, companies, governments trying to invade our minds, invade our God-given free will.'

A comedian known for thought-provoking satire has embraced Christian values because evil has become more conspicuous over the past three years.

JP Sears, who now has 2.8 million subscribers on YouTube, often took jabs at “spiritual” people and practices in his social media career, making his true beliefs difficult to discern. On Friday, however, Sears opened up about how he once eschewed religion in favor of “spirituality” and explained why he has since gravitated towards Christianity.

In his video “I Changed My Mind About God – Here’s Why,” Sears admitted that he used to “have a lot of judgment about religion and Christianity,” considering them “outdated” and unevolved. While he saw usefulness in prayer insofar as it fosters a positive outlook, he didn’t “truly believe” that God responds to prayer.

However, over the past three years, Sears’ mind has changed as he has been “accidentally getting more Christian” amid world events associated with the COVID outbreak.

“I don’t think I’m unique there, because I’ve seen a lot of people and I’ve heard a lot of people telling me similar stories… Why are people getting more Christian?”

“The presence of evil, and Satan, that evil emanates from, has never been more obvious, at least in my lifetime,” Sears said of the three years following the outbreak of COVID-19.

“Evil isn’t hiding any more,” Sears continued. “It’s coming at us through authoritarianism, movements, people, groups, companies, governments trying to invade our minds, invade our God-given free will.”

Sears’ own YouTube videos reveal what evil he is talking about. Over the past three years, he has dedicated much of his satire to heavy-handed COVID edicts and “woke” ideology, with ever more thinly disguised criticism. At times, he plainly speaks his mind.

Sears explained that he believes the presence of evil causes those with an aversion to it to “lean away” and “polarize to the other extreme.”

“And then, therefore, what direction are you leaning towards? That would be the direction of God. Certainly the opposite of evil, the opposite of Satan,” said Sears. “I think evil is doing a great service of driving a lot of people to find God in ways they previously hadn’t.”

Sears maintains that there has been an attempt to implement communism across the world since the COVID outbreak — although, he pointed out, we haven’t called it by that name in the U.S. — and that, accordingly, religion has been discouraged and shamed.

People with faith in God are ‘not controllable’

“There’s a reason why communists have [as] their number one objective to disconnect people from God,” said Sears. “If you get people to disconnect from the teachings of God and the ways of God…then those communists get to be your higher power. And honestly, they make a crappy higher power.”

He pointed out that people with faith in God are “not controllable” because attempts at “fear mongering” by triggering the “fear of death that ultimately all fear mongering points to” don’t work on them. Belief in God means belief in the afterlife, specifically Heaven, he noted, and this often leads to an acceptance of the possibility of death because the prospect of Heaven is “actually beautiful.”

In contrast to evil, which “constricts,” noted Sears, “God frees. God gives us free will. That’s our expression of freedom.”

The comedian-commentator cited statistics that suggest our society is more vulnerable than ever to fear-induced control.

Whereas 50 years ago, 98 percent of Americans believed in God, today only 81 percent of Americans believe in God, Sears noted.

“And then from a political perspective, it’s actually interesting to see that just 64 percent of Democrats believe in God, while 92 percent of Republicans believe in God,” he added.

Sears believes “coercion to disconnect people from God” is “playing out in all kinds of propaganda,” including through gender ideology, which he said is an attempt “to get people to believe that God made mistakes” like making someone the “wrong gender.”

“…Which is a fascinating way to basically get people to not believe in God. Because if you believe in God, you probably believe God doesn’t make too many mistakes,” said Sears.

‘The power of prayer is the most important thing you and I can do’

He went on to share that while he “makes no claims” to being a model Christian, he looks at “traditional Christian values with a lot of respect and reverence,” such as values of faith in God and putting “family first,” and is making efforts to live out these values.

“I now believe that the power of prayer is the most important thing you and I can do,” said Sears, adding that he believes prayer is a “powerful” way to change the world.

Sears likened prayer to a life-sustaining force that “channels the oxygen of God down to us” where “God’s will is needed,” including the World Economic Forum, in public schools, or in any individual situation.

Moreover, “God loves us enough” to allow us to “function disconnected” from Him “if that’s our choice…” said Sears.

“I think we’re at a time of spiritual warfare. We look at what’s going on in the world, conflict between different nations, division all over the place…I think what we’re seeing [are] symptoms of what’s happening at more of a metaphysical level. I think right now Satan and God are at war,” he continued. 

“What’s on the line is you and I, our souls, our children. One side wants to control us. The other side wants to free us. And I think what we do in our day-to-day lives, our actions, our thoughts, our words determine which side of the spiritual warfare we’re fighting on.”

Sears emphasized as an aside that in coming to embrace Christian values, his understanding of scandals that previously gave him “a negative view about Christianity and God [Himself]” has evolved.

He realized he had “thrown the baby out with the bathwater” when he rejected Christianity because of wrongs committed in the “name of religion,” including sex abuse. He believes he now has a “more mature view,” as he sees that “evil goes wherever it can.”

“If the devil wants to control people, then a good way for the devil to do that is to find people where they’re trying to find God,” he added. “I think we need discernment because the devil masquerades as an angel of light.”

‘Bring more God into the world’

Sears went on to lay out four key things people can practice to “bring more God into the world.”

“One is to very intentionally have faith in God,” said Sears. “It’s hard to allow yourself to be supported by God if you don’t believe in God, if you don’t actively think about it. But having faith that there is a God, God has our backs, God has a plan, and our job is to be of best service to that plan as possible.”

“Then listen. it’s one thing to have faith…it’s another thing to listen to God. Because I don’t know about you, but I’ve got noise in my mind all the time. I’ve got my own thoughts. I’ve got my own ego. Then, of course, there’s all the outside noise coming in. So to be guided by God, I think we need to become very good listeners.”

“What is God’s path for me? What’s God’s encouragement for me? What step am I being guided to take right now in this difficult situation?”

He noted that “listening to God” has “less to do with our eardrums and much more to do with hearing God from our heart.” 

“And at least for me, how the conversation tends to show up is subtle feelings in my heart. When I’m thinking about doing something, oftentimes for me, it’s as simple as a sensation of lightness in my heart when it’s in my greater good, where it might be a choice.”

By contrast, said Sears, there may be a choice that “makes logical sense” but which comes with a sense of “heaviness.” 

“It’s very subtle, and it’s very easy for it to be there but for me not to notice. That’s why I find it essential to calm my mind and listen to the sensations of my heart.”

“Thirdly, what you and I can do is pray. Pray often [for] people who are in need. Maybe you don’t even know them, but pray for them. Pray for yourself. Pray for your family, your circumstances. Pray for other people. Pray for the world at large.”

Sears even recommended praying for people he believes to be evil — people like Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, and Justin Trudeau.

“What would happen if we start praying for them? Certainly not praying for their agenda to succeed, but praying for them as individuals. Because I look at them and what I see is godless people who are driven by their own ego…So these are maybe people we need to pray for more than anybody else. To have them saved.”

Sears finally advised that we do “our best to live a life of service” to God’s plan and guidance for us. He added that to do so “we have to look at our own egotistical wants [and] desires,” even “authentic” ones, and consider that “sometimes we have to be willing to abandon those in order to be of service to God.”

Sears argued that only by being of service “to a greater good” can we live a life of true happiness and fulfillment, “not to be confused with the dopamine hits that happen when we gratify ourselves, when we make ourselves feel more significant and certain and in control” by pursuing our ego’s desires.

“I think to be of best service to a will greater than ours, we need to think about three things: our thoughts, words, and actions.,” he continued. “What are they aligned with? If we allow our thoughts, words, and actions to be as impeccably aligned as possible with God’s guidance, then I think we’re doing really well.”

“That means we have faith, we listen, we pray, but we also move our feet. We take action. We take action with our words, our thoughts, and of course, then our outward actions.”

We may “never be perfect” at them, but these are things that are “within our control” to be a “little better [at] each day.”

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