Angry French protesters shift focus from pension fiasco to Macron himself – “do you know the guillotine?”

Angry French protesters shift focus from pension fiasco to Macron himself – “do you know the guillotine?”

The blue collar worker-led protests that erupted in Paris have shifted in tone from focusing solely on the pension fiasco to demanding that President Emmanuel Macron’s head be served to them on a platter.

This is a figure of speech, of course – or is it? Some protesters did write something on the wall of a building in Paris about rolling out the guillotine, drawing parallels to the French Revolution of times past.

“We have moved from a social crisis on the subject of retirement to the beginnings of democratic crisis,” said Laurent Berger, leader of the French Democratic Confederation of Labor, the largest and most moderate labor union in France.

“Anger is rising, and before us we have a president who does not see that reality.”

On the same wall where a guillotine is mentioned, admittedly in reference to Charles III and his planned, but now postponed, trip to Paris to dine with Macron at the Château de Versailles, a giant mock message from Macron to French workers reads:

“You elect me, I decide, and you shut up.”

In other words, Macron took office and immediately became a tyrant, ignoring the concerns of his constituents. And because Macron refuses to take the protests seriously, all eyes are now on him as the French people demand answers and action.

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Who has less public support: Macron or Biden?

According to The Seattle Times, all this talk about revolution and guillotines is almost a reenactment of the popular uprising that occurred in 1789, which led to the guillotining of the king and queen, as well as the abolition of the monarchy three years later.

Regardless of where these new protests lead in the end, it is obvious that Macron is not popular among the French, and that he crossed some kind of red line in all this that has caused people to say, off with his head!

At a time when polls showed that two-thirds of the country opposed the retirement law that started all this, Macron rammed it through anyway, even though it never even got voted on by the lower house of parliament.

Since that time, Macron’s popularity has plummeted with only a 28 percent approval rating. This might even be as low as fake president Joe Biden’s approval rating, minus the illegal aliens and dead people whom the American media likely “polled” to pad the numbers.

French law stipulates that the way Macron is governing defies the nation’s constitution, period. Macron clearly feels as though he is above the law, just like Biden does, except in France they actually take to the streets to do something about it.

“Indeed, it is precisely because Macron judged that his bill raising the retirement age might not survive a vote, but his government stood a better chance of doing so, that he opted to use the top-down 49.3, viewed by his critics as anti-democratic,” the Times reported about how Macron was able to pass the unpopular law raising the retirement age.

To make matters worse, Macron rubbed it in the public’s face that he passed his retirement law unconstitutionally, comparing the blowback that resulted to the January 6, 2021, “insurrection” of the United States Capitol building, which was clearly a staged false flag psy-op.

“What we have seen is the extreme verticality of Mr. Macron’s power,” said Berger. “Our union would like to engage in negotiation and reach compromise, but for that you need two.”

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