Pandemics, Famine and War – Globalists are AT WAR with humanity – Feat. Michael Yon

Pandemics, Famine and War – Globalists are AT WAR with humanity – Feat. Michael Yon

Former Special Forces soldier and war correspondent Michael Yon believes that this pattern of industrial accidents, food infrastructure sabotage and energy scarcity is no coincidence… it’s all part of a global war being waged against humanity by the governments of the world.

He joined me at the studio yesterday for an alarming interview in which we covered famine, fertilizer scarcity, Russia, world war, sabotage operations and depopulation. You can watch that interview here:

Is the war against Earth’s inhabitants a COSMIC war?

In today’s Situation Update podcast, I cover not only Michael Yon’s revelations, but also the extraterrestrial question in a second interview with author and researcher Timothy Alberino. He explains that a non-human force is actively seeking to exterminate humanity in a planetary-scale ethnic cleansing operation, then occupy and control planet Earth and all its resources. (See his website at

Furthermore, the entire climate change scam is nothing more than a cover story for an extraterrestrial terraforming operation to alter Earth’s atmosphere and make it more hospital to a non-human occupying species that plans to take over, Alberino explains.

This actually makes sense, since no informed human being would try to eliminate carbon dioxide from Earth’s atmosphere — a dangerous, insane action that would collapse Earth’s biosphere due to the fact that all photosynthesis depends on carbon dioxide.

See the links for the full podcast (with both interviews) below:

– Putin lays out justification for nuclear first strike against the West
– In studio interview with Michael Yon about famine, food supply chain and open borders
– We are being exterminated and REPLACED by illegal migrants
– The governments of the world are AT WAR with humanity
– Health Ranger ranch update: New hens!
– How mass spec #dioxin testing is conducted
– Interview with Timothy Alberino on the extraterrestrials question
– There is a plan in place to exterminate humanity and occupy Earth
– Top ten agricultural products produced in Ohio – are they contaminated?

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