Breaking news: A nano-second to midnight

Breaking news: A nano-second to midnight

The main focus of the incompetent Biden Regime is on demonizing and criminalizing white Americans who are not Woke Democrats and on raising tensions with Russia which are already more dangerous than during the Cuban missile crisis.  The crazed Jewish warmonger, Victoria Nuland, who Biden stupidly appointed and the Senate confirmed Undersecretary of State, announced that Washington considers Russian installations in Crimea “legitimate targets” and the US government supports Ukrainian attacks on Russian territory.

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Yesterday Putin announced that Russia is suspending participation in the last remaining nuclear arms agreement as Washington insists on Russia’s compliance in the absence of its own.

The US Ambassador was summoned to account for Washington’s participation in the Ukrainian conflict with Russia.  The US Ambassador was told that the money, weapons, targeting information, support personnel all prove the falsity of Washington’s claim not to be a party to the conflict. The ambassador was told that the US is actively at war with Russia and actively engaged in hostile actions against Russia, and that this would have consequences.

Putin has put Russian nuclear missiles on Combat Alert Status.

Ask yourself what kind of utterly stupid and irresponsible government in Washington would bring us to such a situation.  Ask yourself what kind of imbeciles lead NATO countries who put their own countries’ survival at risk in order to please Washington.  Ask yourself what kind of completely stupid leadership there is in Finland that can’t wait to jump into this dangerous situation by joining NATO.

And where is America’s idiot president while Russia puts nuclear missiles on Combat Alert?  Is he on the telephone with Putin calming down the dangerous situation?  No. The fool is in Ukraine and Poland pouring gasoline on the fire.

I have warned consistently that the West’s involvement in Ukraine is leading to nuclear war.  The low grade morons who comprise the “Russian expert community” have ignored me, as has the “official-narrative-only media.”  US policymakers are Russophobic people, such as Amb. Michael McFaul, who approach a dangerous situation emotionally and are incapable of reason or responsible behavior.  

The Russians have seen all this.  They see that there is no intelligence anywhere in the Western leadership, just intent to break Russia.  Putin has been patient through all of this–too patient as I have argued–looking for a spark of intelligence in the West.  Finding none, he seems to be giving up hope.  If he gives up hope, war is on its way.

The uninvolved, unaware, uninformed American people have no idea of their present danger.  Their understanding is limited to their indoctrination: Russia Bad, Ukraine Good.

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