CNN’s Leana Wen is now changing her tune about COVID-19 injections, vaccine mandates and face masks

CNN’s Leana Wen is now changing her tune about COVID-19 injections, vaccine mandates and face masks

medical analyst Dr. Leana Wen is now speaking out against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines that she previously advocated for.

According to World Alternative Media CEO Josh Sigurdson, Wen is now changing her tune regarding the COVID-19 vaccines and the vaccine mandates. Wen previously said unvaccinated people should not be allowed to walk outside their homes. The medical analyst also branded those refusing to wear face masks as “mass-murdering people.”

Now, Wen is opposing mask mandates. She said face coverings are destroying children’s childhood and development.

Wen even wrote a column for the Washington Post (WaPo) wherein she said the COVID-19 injections are dangerous and should not be made mandatory. The Shanghai-born Wen, one of the most aggressive advocates of COVID-19 medical fascism, has switched sides.

Still, Wen is insisting that her previous positions were based on the “science” of that time. But things have since changed, she said.

Wen used to encourage everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Wen wrote in her WaPo piece that she now believes military personnel should not be forced to take the COVID-19 vaccines. This contrasted with her earlier remarks about how everyone must be injected with the “safe and effective” vaccines.

“It’s time for the Biden administration to end the vaccine mandate for service members. And businesses, universities, schools and other entities that were once justified in implementing these requirements should consider removing them, too,” she wrote.

“Things changed with the arrival of omicron. For months, research has shown that [the] effectiveness [of the vaccines] in reducing infection against the omicron subvariants is low and not lasting.”

Sigurdson mentioned that Wen wrote the article after it became obvious that forcing the shots on people is no longer as popular as it once was. It was politically expedient for her to suddenly start playing the other side, he added.

Moreover, Sigurdson stated that Wen’s sudden about-face appears to be a desperate attempt to save herself from what is coming for those who pushed the COVID-19 scam, given the talk of a potential Nuremberg 2.0 trial.

He pointed out that Wen is worried that continuing to push the COVID-19 jabs will deter people from taking jabs for other illnesses. “Equating this (vaccine) to others could have an unintended consequence of extending the backlash from COVID-19 to other inoculations,” she wrote. “That would be a profound tragedy.”

Sigurdson said those are also mass-murdering injections.

Ultimately, the independent journalist noted that many doctors are now coming out and echoing the talking points of those opposing the COVID-19 vaccines.

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Watch the full WAM segment below with Josh Sigurdson talking about why mainstream vaccine propagandists such as Dr. Leana Wen are changing their tune over the COVID-19 shots.

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