Russia's strategy for dismantling the planetary dollar matrix – Part 2

Russia's strategy for dismantling the planetary dollar matrix (2)

Geo-economic and metahistorical analysis of the passage of the emerging globalist world-system through its tipping points.

Let's continue our conversation about the growing globalist matrix and our strategy to fight it. After we have considered some key aspects of its forming and cementing, it will be useful, in our opinion, to study all the bifurcation points, passed by the matrix. And also many things, connected with such points: we are speaking about the existing world financial system and about the USA state as a whole. After all the financial and oligarchic matrix was built due to American influence and power. This state is its basis and protection at this historical segment. Certainly, as time goes by, after the supposed enslavement of the world by matrix structures, the role of states was to become secondary, with their step-by-step levelling and passing into oblivion. Transatlantic and Trans-Pacific "partnerships" (TTIP and TTP), which were shown perfectly, in which just such stage-by-stage plan was stated, with gradual transfer of the state sovereignty of these countries in the hands of globalist structures.

But at this stage, the role of the American state is decisive. The crisis of one or the other is equivalent. Whether it is the collapse of the global financial dollar system or some hypothetical civil war in the U.S. (in which 43% of American respondents are sure), both interrelated beginnings will undergo irreversible transformation. Let's break down their most significant crisis moments in this and the next part of the material. We will draw from them in our multidirectional analysis for a greater understanding of the matrix that is being constructed. Let us draw some conclusions.

We can see two such moments. The first and well known one is the balancing of the whole global financial system on the edge of a real abyss in 2008. No previous crises, such as the dot-com bubble in the 2000s, had such an all-encompassing and obvious threat of a complete systemic collapse. All the crises before the 2000s, whether in the seventies, eighties or thirties, had passed before the current matrix was formed. Those crises were common to it, because the USA is the foundation. But they happened before the moment of its crystallization, before the stages of its initial formation into the world-system. At that time there was only an approximate "model". The Soviet system occupied almost half of the world prevented its full-fledged planetary formation.

There is a second event, no less significant for all the currently being built globalization. No matter how it may not seem so weighty and large-scale in comparison with the first, it is not. Because this event is only the stirring of much deeper processes "on the surface" of humanity. Your humble servant predicted it as a "high probability of a final crisis of American statehood" at the very end of 2020, a year and a half before that. In both cases, the systems held.

We have already made a detailed analysis of the first event, below we will look at it from different angles. As for the second event, let us note that the crisis did happen. Just a few days after the probable date indicated, we saw the "storming of the Capitol" and the subsequent long standing of the National Guard on Capitol Hill. These are two points that we think are worth taking a closer look at and examining from all angles. In this piece, we will do our "debriefing" with the economic bifurcation point, with the coming of the "planetary winter" in 2008. In the next one, we will move on to the U.S. state itself, although everything here is very interconnected.

At his time, in already "far" 2007, the author was an apologist for the ideas of Mikhail Muravyev, aka The Adventurer, who predicted the global financial crisis of 2008. At that time it seemed that the world financial system would collapse and be buried under its own wreckage. But the "prince of this world" is dodgy, his moves may be beyond the field of "conventional" logic. For the architects of the satanic enslavement of the planet it was important to prolong the march of globalization. To postpone the end for the system when everything becomes a system. In this case, the new superstructures would allow everything to be reset under the rules of the new world order in a controlled way.

And it does not matter what personal motives and motivations drove these most notorious "architects". There are many actors and their actions, it is almost a Brownian motion, where at the level of Western elites we see the wildest incompetence. Both in the political sphere and in the economic one, where they don't look beyond the dogmas of economics. On the one hand, yes, and as our genius contemporary said, "the world is not ruled by a secret lodge, but by an obvious lodge. On the other hand, all this seemingly chaotic movement is subject to a single infernal dark will, the nature of which can already be seen in the ideology of the new world being imposed. That is why we find with surprise some success in their strategic planning. 

It was important for this will to continue its march through the world. It drives all globalization movements together. Let us not be seduced by the external tinsel of weakness and degeneration of Western elites. Though of course there is a nuance to this will, in its categories of "low quality human material" affects the end results of volition. It certainly corresponds to the onset of the "planetary winter" in 2008, the departure into history of the fat autumn times of the West. But in this historical period, in addition to this, there is a special dark effort on the whole planetary picture: to prevent the germination of the Russian civilization model as a future framework of world order on the principles of Justice. It will be World Unification, not Globalization. To thwart or tragically shift the terms - that's what all the tension of diabolical forces is aimed at now.

That is, pelting the fire with wood in 2008 knocked down the flames. The fire settled under the onslaught of piled stacks and began to simmer somewhere in the coals without proper access to oxygen. It was obvious to the will that, sooner or later, the globalization process would begin to flare up in some places and the crisis would erupt, then reaching unimaginable heights. But before that, much had to be attempted-and much was done.

A little more than a decade later, the flame began to break through, quietly, in isolated places. That shook prices in the construction segment, which has reached Russia, lay on the features of the local market. That came out ( in the energy crisis, and then went along the whole spectrum of the market of industrial goods. And so far these are only episodes of the immediate past, at the moment the picture is much sadder: the postponement is coming to an end - not without our and our allies' help.

Looking back, one can't help but notice how much the "enemy of the human race" has done in these more than ten years to promote its values. To reeducate entire strata of Western society to suit them. In their society, the Overton windows of transgender morality and euthanasia have already been pushed to the limit, to the point of complete triumph. In their world, the position of the windows is under discussion on pedophilia and cannibalism. Well on top of that is the satanic sexual revolution being conducted on children in the U.S. and Europe. And all this is cemented by the scale of controlled international terrorism, regulated by man-made epidemics - "by their deeds ye shall know them.

But the consoling conclusion is that such a postponement of the global financial collapse was possible as a one-time action, something that could not be repeated. Today we are no longer working in the "save everything" scenario, but in the "save something" scenario. The complete reversal of the Fed's policies tells us about this with a hundred percent probability - you can forget about negative rates and helicopter money QE. If we used to see a serious redirection of such flows to Europe within the framework of the general anti-crisis pelting of everything and everything with freshly chopped "wooden" money (and that used to be the name of the ruble), then today it is the other way around. Earlier, under the Federal Reserve policy, it was possible to anti-crisis gilding of the same Deutsche Bank and other European pillars. Previously, if such a character as Super Mario (Draghi) could work, throwing money around Europe left and right with the cartoonish speed of his game character, then today we can forget about it.

At the moment there are three very symbolic financial pillars on the verge of bankruptcy in Europe. One, represented by Deutsche Bank, embodies the whole of Europe, now built by the Germans as the Fourth Economic Reich. The other, Societe Generale, represents the second pole of the European economic architecture, France, and it will not hold up in time. Symbolic of France, where the entire state grid is superimposed on the grid of Freemasonry, like a coin in a piggy bank - "the world is not ruled by a secret lodge, but by a manifest lodge." And finally, the third reanimation patient, Credit Suisse, shows us such a European pillar as the Swiss, symbolic in their neutrality. A kind of inhabitants of Moria, keeping their treasures inside the mountains. Their financial bloc managed to bypass world wars and world depressions, and even made money on them. America convicted them by taking away their banking secrecy five years ago. They, in an outburst of gratitude for their genocide, killed their own neutrality, which ended the symbol.

And yes! Russia has nothing to do with it! Just pay attention to the cyclopean number of Russian assets of some European banks - already lost or in the process of loss, by tens of billions. Europeans themselves, for obvious reasons, underestimate all these data. Banks, in most cases, do not benefit from exorbitant numbers of cash gaps in financial and public reports. Officially it is said (according to Bloomberg) only about $7bn of losses due to losses in the Russian banking market and assets therein.

Except that the entire volume of exposure to liabilities of Russian counterparties of Western European banks, for example, at the end of the third quarter of 2021 is about $91 billion (according to Fitch and the Bank for International Settlements). And now they are losing it all en masse, in a planned and calculated manner on our part. In the news stream, there is a very routine report on the constant flow of such bank assets into the Russian peninsula. War reports and terrorist attacks obscure this agenda, the more so that no one focuses on it.

This process is described in various streamlined legal and financial terms: you may hear about "sale" or "transfer. But behind it all there is a banal and rigid weaning. It is incremental and unforgiving. Victims prefer not to shout about it on every corner, disclose their financial losses and multiply their reputational risks.

We began cooking a dish from a small portion of this fish that happened to be in our territory. The main carcass is now in the process of cooking at Uncle Sam's. The fattening period is over. It turns out, we eat on a par with our sworn partners, but we will not look any further, we will not resemble "conspiracy". Our actions here take place in silence, not in shouting and hand-wringing from every news outlet and on every international platform. Let's just note for ourselves that playing on this board is not opposition to the whole matrix, the hosts themselves dismantle this part of the construction. And our tropes here are such as to counterbalance many of the hostile actions on the side that now glistens with "dementia and courage."

"Who will save these pillars?" - is a rhetorical question. So is everything else in Europe. The tendency for globalization to shrink is obvious. Instead of matrix distribution, we are seeing the dismantling of individual structures in order to reinforce elsewhere and save at least something. So-called "technical cannibalism. Obviously, such a decision was made by the "master" of Globalization in difficult, one may say, disastrous conditions for his brainchild. And Russia is not the least player here. Over the past nearly 15 years, which gave the delay, the dark will failed to turn the system into a world-system. Where crisis phenomena under full control would have been zeroed out and reset. They would have started with a clean slate of mutual settlements on some new digital chip.

The Russia factor in disrupting such plans is paramount. Most people underestimate it. Because many things are measured not only in visible successes, "Throws to the South", the Middle East or energy cases. The very fact of our independence and its defense, i.e. the fact of Russia itself, weighs a lot implicitly, not as a result of direct action. And in addition to direct, visible actions, there are some that are not direct at all and some that are not visible at all. Non-public alliances on some narrow track and unspoken agreements.

Saving, America is saturated with flowing finances, industries, technology. The "prince of this world" wants to preserve in it, as in a cocoon, the backbone of the future world order. Especially since it was the foundation, from which they began to build. His plan is likely to weaken and bleed Russia as much as possible. To involve China into the Taiwan mess, so the capitals, currently fleeing from the global recession to China, could turn from a more successful, growing economy and flow into the only "saving harbor". Let America, at the expense of others, sit out the raging conflagration across the ocean on its own continent. And then come out "all in white" and roll up another "Marshall Plan", but already on much tougher terms than TTIP and TTP. 

The above shown shakedown of the assets of European banks is only a small sector of the firing squad. The Kremlin has many embrasures and towers in all directions. There is still a multi-billion dollar mass of overseas property in all its forms on our soil in our legal field. There are a lot of painful economic trump cards in the direction of the main enemy. We can cause, for example, an energy fever for the United States. The same way the horizons of the struggle open up and untie our hands to the terrorist attacks on the streams. Everything here must be done and done in a measured way. On such large-scale playing fields there is no room for fussiness and reflexivity, the environment is far from slogans. You only hit here at the most opportune moment. And the decision has been made to beat them "until they bleed and beg for mercy" - not just the small-minded Europeans who are led to the slaughter and begin to suspect something. Our leadership is well aware of where the "koscherie's needle" is. "Enemies must be made to beg for mercy in a lost economic battle. And end it with their complete and unconditional surrender" (Medvedev).

As you can see by all indications, the task of globalizers is narrowed to the preservation of only the United States. In them, as in a cocoon, they will try to preserve the matrix code. The postponement received in 2008 is over, the system is most unstable. The pressure on it may seriously unbalance it, and the pressure at a necessary critical point may cause irreversible consequences. Immediately the factor comes out: "I'll buy everything," said the gold; "I'll take everything," said the bullion. The relationship between victories at the front and the rest of the world's agenda. We'll touch on it in the next part, as well as other immediate threats to the U.S. as a nation, with a look at its bifurcation point in February 2020. And how we manage to knock the cornerstone out of the foundation, as we discussed in part one, will be summarized in the next article.

Russia's strategy for dismantling the planetary dollar matrix (1)

There will be more...

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