Russia's strategy for dismantling the planetary dollar matrix – Part 1

Russia's strategy for dismantling the planetary dollar matrix (1)

A retrospective of the creation and cementing of the current globalist matrix and its most vulnerable places.

(Planet Today) Now in our attention prevail front events, referendums, mobilization, imminent and already partially occurring reforms in the military-industrial complex, in the army, in the economy as a whole. We are interested in sanctions and counter-sanctions, reactions and shifts in society, necessary changes and actions. The country, like a giant mega-tanker, is changing its course, doing so dimensionally and almost imperceptibly to the eye according to its scale and structural-historical features. But one always wants "here and now. Separate Aussie stables, for example, in the army (but not only) are still to be cleaned and purged, and it is unreal to do it up to some "ideals", to "sterile cleanliness of operation room" because of closeness and "self-limitation" of such structures. Military people will understand what we are talking about, because these are their words and aspirations.

Against the background of all these urgent and dictating hourly, daily and monthly agendas, it is sometimes useful to change the scale. Take off the "face-to-face" effect for a while. Without in any way neglecting or diminishing the whole issue. Only in this way is it possible to correctly understand the whole path, the proportionality of the tasks on it, and the right priorities. This avoids panic attacks and allows you not to shout "all is lost" on the next bump or pothole.

To remove to an objective distance it is useful to remember that the West wages war with us, as it sees it, on its own turf and by its own rules. At its own discretion, it strikes hard with its sanctioned weapons, in addition to the Ukrainian blade sharpened for us and lubricated with poison. We are all in a financial frame of reference created by the West that has been built on certain cornerstones, one of which is the petrodollar.

According to Jim Sinclair, Fed consultant and well-known trader, "When Nixon canceled the gold backing of the dollar, he switched it to oil backing. So the petrodollar is a sphere of demand, you have to buy dollars to settle contracts, the petrodollar is the standard on which the strength of the U.S. dollar is based.

Indeed, in its time, the U.S. took competent advantage of world decolonization under tacit agreements with the Soviet Union. Especially as part of the dismantling of the British Empire, but not only that. The U.S. promoted the nationalization of oil in OPEC countries in every way possible, immediately tying it to itself in long-term contracts, with the main condition being to sell oil to third countries only for dollars.

To create a dollar vacuum cleaner and fully fill these long-term contracts, through price regulation the architects of globalization were strangled by their own domestic U.S. oil production. At the same time, by speeding up domestic consumption in the U.S., changed the geography of imports, where the main troubles came to neighboring Canada.

With redistribution of the oil market (1975-1980) the shadow actors achieved "dollarization" of 80% of world production (not including USSR) and 85% of world exports. Immediately, with this fixation, they began to untwist the spot oil market, which was not the case before, strange as it may sound now. Before the 1970s, it was a closed community of vertically integrated companies that swapped oil on demand.

Naturally, who would doubt it, it had to begin with the sites in New York. Over time, as the "project" came to fruition and stood on its feet, inter-clan arrangements threw a bone to like-minded Old World members as well. "The New York Times", 1979: "The spot oil market, despite international criticism and attempts to control it, is growing rapidly. European and international officials estimate that this market ... now accounts for 10 percent of the total oil trade." Yes, the start was small at the time, but the beginning was made in the context of total oil dollarization. As early as 1983, the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) launched futures on crude oil, whose trade began to grow by leaps and bounds.

Having recorded this, the globalists eventually bounced back by launching price regulation in the U.S. Domestic U.S. consumption went down, the Arabs gave some of the market to the Canadians again. The job was done - the dollar-denominated oil market started working - in 1986, the volume of oil reached the same level as the physical one. Already in the next year, 1987, it exceeded the world production and subsequently flew into the clouds, becoming the market of "paper oil", which also contains the "koschev's needle".

In 1990, this market had already surpassed the physical market by a factor of two, and in 2000 it surpassed it by more than three. In February 2011, on average, 4 billion barrels of oil were bought and sold during a day on two exchanges (New York and London), while the global production was 83 million barrels per day.

The switch of oil to dollars, as, in effect, the Fed's obligations, led to the next stage in the crystallization of the current matrix. Investments in U.S. government bonds have increased manifold around the world. After all, governments and their national funds are conservative and play the long game - it is an immutable rule. Any bizarre exceptions-experiments like El Salvador with bitcoin only confirm it and end up with crowds and blood in the streets.

In such a strategy, fidgeting between different currencies and government securities is unprofitable. Additional conversion operations are additional costs and fees. On such an investment horizon they are usually too risky. These monster structures cannot in principle accept a strategy of momentary risks. For all those who receive the lion's share of income in dollars, whether for oil or for any other goods in the U.S. market from Europe or Asia, the only way to earn something from them is to invest in American treasuries.

All this has long been a web of tacit underhand arrangements, cross-border movement of capital, flows and budgets of which exceeded the budgets of the states. It was verified through various shadow centers, such as the "Group of Thirty" from the symbiosis of the largest bankers with ex-heads of central banks. Which, in turn, inspired strategies for the visible tip of the iceberg, indirectly guiding the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). They shaped agendas for the "globalization headquarters" - the IMF and the World Bank, which are, by the way, UN institutions. At the same time, tools from the network of global rating agencies were being honed.

An end-to-end system of global institutions tied to the UN was created, leveling and taking the institution of the Security Council of this organization into the background. This is how the "rule-based peace" was born, cementing Western leadership, loudly proclaimed by Anglo-Saxon beneficiaries from every news outlet. It was declared in a 2015 UN General Assembly resolution as the proverbial "Sustainable Development Goals," creating a symbiosis between the global economy and global politics.

Through a complex and not always obvious mechanism, any financial gaps and problems were solved by "printing new dollars," which were dissolved in the planetary economy, which for the time being damped by its volume of inflation risks for this currency. Inflation was shared by all and the weakest and most unprotected got the most out of it. This is how the inviolable right of the West to levy its neo-colonial tax on the rest of the planet was enshrined.

The world parasite - one of the cornerstones of the current planetary globalist matrix, in addition to the overall structural rigidity in the created architecture, makes a significant contribution to the bloated, virtual GDP of the Anglo-Saxons. Makes the rest of us pay for their wealth and keeps us in line. For dissenters, there are a variety of whips. The variety and number of sticks, when the carrots run out, is staggering. And the hardened crook who uses it all dresses up as a good magician-focuser. Under the passes of his baton on the world stage there have already passed bloody parade of aircraft carrier groups, nations thrown back to the Middle Ages, colored revolutions, sanctions, rating agencies, "it is not your elite, but ours", poisoned young brains and souls, and much more. Here and there a hardened recidivist pulls another tool from his sleeves and suddenly it turns out, for example, that any actor can, at the snap of his fingers, stop shipping and freight, because all marine insurance is concentrated in London.

That is why Vladimir Putin calls the world order implemented by the West a neocolonial order, specifying that it is based on the ideology of neoliberal totalitarianism. There was no place for us in the matrix of global enslavement being built, with devil-humanity, perverted morality and infernal values as the endpoint of the road. Russia and its foundations were to be completely reformatted, because they represented the greatest danger, as the foundation of the future of the planet with the opposite sign. We were in the forefront of their attack, and therefore acted counterattack, intercepting the initiative, imposing their pace and their agenda.

Our country has always been at the forefront of building alternative centers of power, like the SCO or BRICS. But along the way, it became obvious that their full disclosure and filling was impossible in the existing system of coordinates. Without ruptures in the globalist matrix, they would have remained in their infancy and, over time, with its total strengthening, would have been completely formalized and emasculated.

There had to be a foundation, or rather a thin spot at the base of the structure, which it was desirable to knock out for the domino effect that would follow. A kind of "primordial source", by blocking which it would be possible to stop the "world flood" that is now taking place. This, in time, developed an understanding of what was to be done, and for which there was strength. It became obvious that it is necessary to knock the fundamental trump card of the petrodollar from the hands of the globalist.

As part of this strategy, Russia managed, like the Americans half a century ago, to take control over OPEC, and so OPEC+ came into being. Not so long ago, by historical standards, it was an obedient tool in their hands, which played, among other reasons, a certain role in defeating Soviet Russia. Nowadays, they have to send tearful delegations of the top brass and get the results "turned away.

There were many factors for this victory, fundamental among which were our consolidation and the appearance to the world of a new formation of politics. In the Middle East, both strength and adherence to one's word are valued. We have long had a relationship of trust with the key countries of this organization.

At the same time Russia has persistently promoted the departure of friendly countries away from the dollar in raw materials and not only in deals. We have long started such "explanatory" work and it was our leader who contributed in every way to the rise and development of this topic. It is clear that it is impossible to describe all aspects of this multi-level game in such materials.

The main, visible and not so visible, directions, we will try to disclose in the next material.

There will be more...

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