Men, take care of your grumpy and loud women

Men, take care of your grumpy and loud women

Men look for the dumb, they look for their own kind in the world of women. In a world where there is no one like them...

Take care of women...

(Planet Today) The ideal woman for men is a quiet, silent woman who is obedient in everything, who does not make scandals, who never has a bad mood. Who does not pry into the soul, but at the same time loves the pulse.

Maybe there are such women who live only in men's fantasies and books, but in reality, in real life, this ideal - is the standard of hypocrisy and cunning. It is the devil in God's skin.

There is no such thing as a woman who loves with all her heart, with every cell of her body gives her all of herself, and in her love she is calm and quiet. Have you ever heard in your life that a volcano erupts silently or an earthquake is silent? You must agree that it is impossible to silence an element of nature, and a woman is a kind of element - she is also moved by the Higher Power.

And imagine for a moment that water running in a stream would be hard. Can you make it harden?

But if you compare water to the male element, then God himself told them to be solid. To be silent where silence seems impossible...

Men's love is silent. Often even silent. But that does not mean it is weaker. Silent thunder falls to the ground with the same force as deafening thunder, and maybe even stronger.

Men look for the mute, they look for their own kind in a woman's world. In that world where there is no one like them.

It takes a long time for a man to realize that the ideals imposed upon him are false. Where there is a woman's mute love, there is indifference and falsehood!

Take care, men, of your grumpy and loud women.

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