Americans are SKIPPING MEALS because they can’t afford food as Biden’s food inflation fiasco gets even worse

Americans are SKIPPING MEALS because they can’t afford food as Biden’s food inflation fiasco gets even worse

A new survey by the Nationwide Retirement Institute reveals that, “nearly a quarter of young people skipped meals or didn’t buy groceries because of high inflation.” From the report on survey results:

Over the last 12 months, nearly two in five American households (40%) received food or goods from a food bank (22% for Millennials), and the same amount (17%) stopped buying healthier foods (organic or high-priced healthy foods). Nearly one in five Americans (18%) say they skipped meals or didn’t buy groceries due to high inflation (including 28% of Gen Z and 23% of millennials).

Joe Biden’s economic “miracle” is taking a toll, it seems, as more and more Americans are unable to afford food.

Food inflation is worsening for a number of reasons that all lead back to flawed policies by the Biden administration:

  • Covid lockdowns of food farms and food processing facilities, leading to supply chain disruptions.
  • Continued money printing operations that devalue the purchasing power of the dollar.
  • Government policies that pay farmers to destroy crops or not plant them in the first place.
  • Biden’s cancelling of natural gas pipelines, resulting in severe fertilizer shortages and price increases.
  • Sharp increases in diesel fuel prices due to Biden’s anti-energy economic policies.

In addition, over 100 food facilities have been set on fire across America in the last 18 months in a pattern of attacks that appear to be deliberate sabotage. Someone is trying to burn down America’s food infrastructure.

Geoengineering efforts have also resulted in chronic drought across nearly two-thirds of the continental United States, leading to sharp reductions in crop yields as well as plummeting water levels in the Mississippi River, causing grain-transporting barges to become stuck in the river. Large hills of beans — yes, literally — are appearing alongside the banks of the Mississippi due to a lack of barge transport capacity.

Now, a diesel fuel crisis is emerging in the southeast, with some diesel distribution hubs already running dry, warns Mansfield Energy Corp in an alarming “code red” announcement:

Poor pipeline shipping economics and historically low diesel inventories are combining to cause shortages in various markets throughout the Southeast. These have been occurring sporadically, with areas like Tennessee seeing particularly acute challenges.

Because conditions are rapidly devolving and market economics are changing significantly each day, Mansfield is moving to Alert Level 4 to address market volatility. Mansfield is also moving the Southeast to Code Red, requesting 72 hour notice for deliveries when possible to ensure fuel and freight can be secured at economical levels.

The result of all this is continued food inflation that’s likely not going to turn around any time soon. As reports:

Grocery prices have climbed 13 percent from a year ago, rising 0.7 percent from August to September. Since last year, egg prices have skyrocketed by 30 percent, dairy-related products are up by 15.9 percent, bread is up by 14.7 percent, and butter is up by 26.6 percent.

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