Put a glass of coffee in the fridge: the brilliant trick that avoids a lot of trouble

Put a glass of coffee in the fridge: the brilliant trick that avoids a lot of trouble

Simply leaving this product in the refrigerator
may raise some questions at first. However, it is legitimate to wonder how this gesture is useful and this is what we are going to explain to you in this article.

Ground coffee close-up
Ground coffee close-up – Source: spm

Why leave ground coffee in the fridge?

Once opened, the refrigerator can give off certain unpleasant odors to the point of turning our stomachs. To fight against this kind of inconvenience, there is a miracle solution: ground coffee.

Fridge giving off bad odors
Fridge giving off bad odors – Source: spm

To neutralize bad smells, we tend to use baking soda except that ground coffee can also fulfill this task.

To take advantage of its absorbency, simply pour the ground coffee into a bowl and place it in your fridge. For its effect to last, do not hesitate to replace it every month.

Also, if you have leftover coffee grounds, you can also use them up by following the same process. Only difference, you will have to replace it once every 15 days unlike ground coffee. Moreover, and if you don’t know it, coffee grounds can also act as a natural fertilizer.

Other surprising uses of coffee

Regardless of its form, ground, bean or consumed, coffee can be used in surprising ways. Here are some of them:

Use coffee to unclog drains

If you notice your sink clogging, it’s easy to fix that problem with coffee grounds. Pour it into the drain, adding 1 liter of boiling water.

Clean kitchen surfaces with coffee grounds

Hobs, counters or crockery are all surfaces that you can clean with a cloth soaked in coffee grounds. You can perform this gesture without fearing a possible alteration of the surfaces concerned. Indeed, coffee grounds remain not very abrasive unlike sodium bicarbonate.

Use coffee as an air purifier

In addition to being particularly pleasant to smell, coffee is known for its ability to absorb bad smells. It is therefore logical that you can make an air purifier. Take a sock you no longer use then put in a handful or two of coffee beans. Seal the sock with a rubber band then place it in the room of your choice.

Use coffee as a hand cleaner

If your hands smell bad after handling garlic or any food that leaves a strong odor, consider coffee grounds. As you would with any soaprub your hands with the leftover coffee and you’ll just have to say goodbye to all those unpleasant smells.

Repel ants with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are one of the best natural ant repellents, it can be a great solution if you want to get rid of these harmless insects without harming them. If you spot them and want to keep them away, sprinkle coffee grounds around the entry points of the house. Pests will move away as soon as they approach.

Apart from its unique flavor, coffee has several benefits that allow it to be used in different ways. Which, on the one hand, will make our daily lives easier.

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