COD: Black Ops Cold War crashing, showing black screen

COD: Black Ops Cold War crashing, showing black screen

Multiple COD: Black Ops Cold War players have reported issues of crashing or black screen on PC. They are frustrated as the issue has been going on for several days.

Call of Duty is a famous franchise and the game developers provide the best experience in each new series for players. Black Ops Cold War is filled with data and is available on certain consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Reports of COD: Black Ops Cold War ‘crashing’ OR showing ‘black screen

Many PC players started to experience the issue after updating to on September 26. They saw ‘black screens’ and loading screens. Others said the game crashed upon booting and displayed error code 0xc0000005 and a sign ‘Scan and Repair’ that might fix the issue.

Several COD: Black Ops Cold War players said the persisting error has ruined their gaming experience and they are unable to play the game.

“Hey, planning @Treyarch @battlenet y’all’s Cold War update won’t even boot up the game. It makes you sit at a black screen. No loading icon or anything. Can y’all please fix or tell me how to?” posted one user.

Developers’ official acknowledgment and potential workaround

Treyarch support acknowledged the issue on Tuesday and said that they are looking into resolving the bugs. However, they did not provide an ETA yet.

Meanwhile, there is a potential workaround that might solve the issue for players. You will need to uninstall and reinstall the game.

“I just uninstalled the game and installed it again and it works fine now if anyone is struggling still,” posted one person.

A Redditor suggested the following workaround: “Update: I’ve done the classic method of deleting the small (only kilobytes) .idx files from the game’s data folder plus the .exe of the game, scanned for problems, magically the game needed to download 40GB!!! (for a few MBs worth of deleted files) and it is playable again. Try it if you have a good connection and don’t want to wait for a fix,” they posted.

Raven Software confirmed on Tuesday on its official Trello board that the bug was resolved.

Author: Saman Iqbal

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